Shit that Pissed me Off – 9/25

A Story about the Legends Football League

In case you’ve never heard of the Legends Football League, perhaps you might know of it by its previous name: The Lingerie Football League.  It is the only “professional” football league for women in the United States.

I put “professional” in quotes because the athletes aren’t paid, get no medical care, and are expected to play football in swimsuits.

The reason they wear swimsuits instead of, you know, pads, is because nobody will watch women play football unless they are scantily clad.  It’s all very depressing because the article points out that what these women really want to do is play football.

As a result they are exploited in almost every conceivable way.  And they allow and accept it because they get an opportunity to play football.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???  What do you mean you didn't notice the score?

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??? What do you mean you didn’t notice the score?

If you are a woman and your passion happens to be football, what other choice do you have?

It is not the fault of the women who are in the league.  They recognize the choice that they have to make and they make it freely.

I know these ladies aren’t ever going to be paid as well as men but I have to ask: shouldn’t they get paid something?  The league wouldn’t exist without the players and someone is making money. Too bad it isn’t the women who are, quite literally, the face of the league.

Kentucky has Over 3000 Untested Rape Kits

This story is about Kentucky but it is a national problem.  There aren’t enough resources to test them so sexual assault victims are left to wait months or even years for the justice system to deal with their case.

We have more important things to worry about.  Like drug users.  We should definitely put drug addicts in jail before we get to the rapists.

What truly gets me about this story is the amount it would cost to catch up. $3 to $5 million in the first year and $2 million per year after that.

On a governmental budget scale, do you understand how close to nothing that is?  You should be able to turn over a rock at the state capitol and find that much.  Lawmakers waste that much on pet projects on their first day in office.  Scott Walker’s campaign has spent that much money since he dropped out of the Presidential campaign.

This problem is so ridiculously easy to solve, it should have been solved within 24 hours of its identification.  It’s as fucking non-partisan as they come.  Everybody wants to put rapists in jail, right?


Saudi Arabia Declares Atheists Terrorists

To be fair to the Saudis, atheists are not the only group they are branding as terrorists.

They are quite clear, though, that “atheist thought” is subject to imprisonment of 3 to 20 years.

I guess atheists should be happy they won’t run the risk of a public beheading.  So that’s something.

Here in the US, we have a pretty good relationship with Saudi Arabia.  They are a powerful ally in a region where we don’t have a lot of allies.  So we overlook the fact that women aren’t allowed to drive a car, money is almost entirely controlled by the royal family, and free speech is effectively off limits.

When they talk about Constitution in Saudi Arabia, they are probably talking about the D & D statistic.

When they talk about Constitution in Saudi Arabia, they are probably talking about the D & D statistic.

In exchange for the US ignoring all the reasons the Saudi government is awful, we get to pay whatever they want to charge us for oil.  We also get some military bases so we can attack other Arab countries with whom we don’t get along.

The Saudi royal family is understandably concerned that their control of power and wealth is tenuous at best.  There are several extremist factions who would love an opportunity to change the power structure in a less than civil fashion.

So they issue edicts to keep those factions under their oppressive thumb.

Putting atheists in jail for being atheists is dumb.  Dumber still is the US pretending the Saudi Arabian government is somehow better than the Iranian government.  They aren’t.  They shouldn’t get brownie points for being nice to us.

The Muppets

The internet is not in love with this new Muppet show and there are a lot of good reasons why.  Miss Piggy’s character is a horrible caricature of the character she once was.  The jokes are actually not all that funny.  Kermit comes off as a complete jackass.

And yet I could deal with a new generation of Muppets and a slightly more adult version of their relationships were it not for one really glaring problem.

The show isn’t original.  At all.  Structured like “The Office” with a little bit of “30 Rock” thrown in, all it does is remind me how good those shows are and how much I’d rather be watching them.

We are talking about Muppets!  I’m not sure I want to exist in a world where the best I can say for them is they make me want to watch something better.  The Muppets Take Manhattan is a bad movie and yet it didn’t damage the brand the way this show could.

Because it looks like they are out of ideas.

Judges on Ecuador’s Got Talent Tell a 16-Year Old Atheist She’s Got to Start Believing in God

Let’s be fair – she is better off than had she appeared on Saudi Arabia’s Got Talent (not a real show although Arabs Got Talent is).  She should consider herself lucky that a bunch of judges decided to lecture her about faith rather than talking to her about her talent.  They could have thrown her in jail.

Before anyone gets annoyed at me for being an overly sensitive atheist, lets turn this around a little bit.  What if it was a bunch of atheist judges and a Christian contestant?

Seriously young lady, without god, how do you think David Hasselhoff would even have a career?

Seriously young lady. Without god, how do you think David Hasselhoff would even have a career?

It’d be just as wrong, wouldn’t it?

How about a bunch of Muslim judges berating her because she wasn’t wearing a hijab even though she wasn’t Muslim?

It’s a talent competition!  Who gives a fuck what your religious beliefs are unless you are willing to share them on your own?

It is embarrassing she was even asked.

I Wasn’t Expecting That by Jamie Lawson

The song isn’t bad.  It’s a sweet little song about the unexpected nature of young love.  Until the last verse. And then…

It’s a snuff song!

You know Up?  That first ten minute montage of Carl and Ellie living out their lives together?  It’s all sweet and beautiful right up to the point Ellie gets killed off.  That’s this song.  It’s all happy and sweet and loving and then somebody dies!

Without the part where Carl learns how to live a life of adventure without Ellie.  At least this widower has kids.  That’s got to count for something.

Though if you watch the video, none of the kids were there when she died.

I sure wasn’t expecting that, Jamie Lawson.  You’re a jerk.


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One response to “Shit that Pissed me Off – 9/25”

  1. nancyabramsblogger says :

    I had never heard of the Legends Football League. That’s absolutely disgusting. I’m all for women wearing whatever makes them feel comfortable but for crying out loud, if we want to play football professionally we should be able to do that and not be exploited for our bodies. That’s got to be dangerous too. Clothes are kind of important, and American football is really freaking dangerous. This is a bit like female body armor in video games (Wow, what a protective chainmail bikini!) except in real life.

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