Shit that Pissed me off 10/7

Trump Gets in Trouble for Something He Didn’t Do

No, I’m not talking about paying his taxes.  Although he also didn’t do that.  Though apparently having enough money to hire a really talented team of tax accountants and lawyers makes him “smart” rather than “rich.”

In this case, though, he is getting some heat for having said that soldiers with PTSD aren’t strong.  Basically, he told soldiers who suffer from mental illness as a result of combat stress that they are complete wimps.


Here’s the problem though – that’s not what he said.  And in context, what he said was clearly not meant to disrespect soldiers with PTSD.  You need to twist his meaning to a dizzying degree to come away thinking he was even accidentally implying that having PTSD made you weak.

Trump says any number of horrible and outrageous things.  It seems to me that those of us who justifiably think he is a buffoon and he should never hold elected office of any kind could stick to the string of stuff he actually said rather than manufacturing controversy where none exists.

Can’t we just hate Trump for who he is?  I mean, that ought to be enough.

This Week’s Meme that Pissed me Off

Hey, speaking of Trump’s taxes, did you hear that he didn’t pay any?  Does that annoy you?  Apparently, you should be more annoyed at Hillary.


Because Hillary is part of the establishment!  And Trump is just some rich guy who exploited the establishment and when he gets into office he’ll completely dismantle the establishment even though it would be to his own benefit to leave things the way they are!

Oy.  No.

First off, the liberals have been trying to eliminate the kinds of loopholes Trump has been using for decades.  They get blocked at every turn.  So Hillary didn’t write these tax codes.  She’s trying to change the tax codes. Fuck her for failing, right?

And look – I can totally be pissed at Trump for doing something legal because legal does not mean ethical.  When some college swimmer serves three months for rape, it is hard to argue that what happened isn’t legal.  I mean a judge sentenced the kid and the sentence was within the sentencing guidelines.  So it was legal.

But being legal doesn’t make it right.

Trump’s behavior still accentuates that everything in our country is set up to help rich people get richer while everyone else struggles to get by.  And that is absolutely something we should be pissed about.  Because it is something Trump doesn’t have any desire or motive to change.

PS: Is that the best picture of Donald Trump you could find for a pro Trump meme?  Doesn’t it bother you that even when you are trying to make him look good, he still looks like he just farted?

In the Wake of Hurricane Matthew, Florida Governor Won’t Extend Voter Registration Deadline

Ignore for a moment this request is being made by the Clinton campaign.

Instead, let us focus on the fact the East Coast of Florida is getting obliterated by a hurricane, the deadline for voter registration is October 11th, and the Governor is basically saying “they’ve had enough time to get it done.”

That may well be true, Governor Scott, but you know that human beings don’t get shit done until the last minute, right?

I mean, when my license tabs are due for renewal, I go running into the DMV about two hours before I’m going to get a ticket.  I know it isn’t just me because I’m always in line with about fifteen other people.

Or maybe more

Or maybe more

So let’s assume that a few of these folks who have been evacuating their homes and who might not be returning to one tend to put shit off the same way I do.  You could give them a couple extra days, couldn’t you?

I know it is our fault.  We should have gotten it done sooner.  We should have expected a hurricane would make landfall and fuck with our plans.  But I’ll bet you, Governor Scott, usually don’t buy a card for your wife’s birthday until the day before, do you?

If a hurricane prevented you from picking up that card until a few days after her birthday, would she divorce you?

And why the fuck are you getting her a card?  You’re the governor of Florida!  Get her an alligator wearing a diamond necklace or something.

I mean, this is probably a political push by the Clinton campaign because they know that their voting demographic tends to put off registering but I just gotta say – so what? There have to be some procrastinating Republicans who got nailed by the hurricane, right?  Would it kill you to extend the deadline by five days?

I’m sure the official line is some bullshit about extra work but people’s homes are getting destroyed.  If a few officials need to work some overtime to get those late registrations entered, at least they get to go home once they’re done.

Fox News Airs Super Racist “Comedy” Segment

The link above is to the Comedy Central evisceration of the piece from the O’Reilly Factor.  You can find the original segment if you want.  I’d recommend against it, though, because the original segment is racist.  And that’s bad.

It’s also not at all funny.  And that’s worse.

Because if you are going to be a racist asshole comedian, the least you can do is put some actual effort into it.  Putting some cricket noises over someone who isn’t responding to a question because they don’t understand English just makes you look like an entitled douche.

Look at this asshole who doesn’t even know what year of the Chinese zodiac it is because he didn’t understand the question!  Ho ho!

I’ve got an idea, buddy.  How about you go to China and have them ask you questions in Chinese?  Then every time you don’t answer, they can make a cricket chirping sound.  Hilarious!

I wish I’d been sitting in on the planning session for this piece.  That way every time someone said “wouldn’t it be funny if…” I could have said “No.  That’s fucking stupid. And racist.”

On the other hand, I don’t wish that.  Because it would mean I’d be working for the O’Reilly Factor.  And who wants that?

Rudy Giuliani Says Trump Can Totally Claim Hillary Clinton Cheated on her Husband Without Evidence

Look, a lot of things bug me about Trump.  So many that it is impossible to unpack them.

But the fact Rudy Giuliani speaks for the guy has to be at the top of the list.  Giuliani is, apparently, they guy they send in to defend literally every horrid thing Trump does.  So when Trump suggests Clinton has cheated on her husband without proof, Giuliani gets to make the excuses.

And fantastic excuses they are.  Apparently since Clinton called trump a racist (he is), a misogynist (he is), and a few other names that Giuliani didn’t know but was absolutely sure she used, it is OK for Trump to say she’s an adulterer.

Now let’s be clear – Bill Clinton is an adulterer.  But then again, so are Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump.  So the moral high ground appears to be occupied by nobody.

And we all know the importance of having the high ground.

And we all know the importance of having the high ground.

Except maybe Hillary Clinton.  And that’s probably why Trump made the suggestion.  The minute he brings up Bill’s infidelity, he has to deal with the reality of his own infidelity.

Better to just say that Hillary was probably unfaithful as well.  Because if everyone is an adulterer, we don’t have to “derail” the conversation by pointing out how much better Donald Trump is at it.

And then you send Giuliani to stand up for that bullshit accusation.  And like a good flunky, he does.

If Trump gets elected, Giuliani is going to get a sweet appointment.  And if he doesn’t get elected, Giuliani will still probably get a kick ass job.

All he has to do is sell his soul.

Which is too bad.  Because he clearly doesn’t have one.

Finally, because I didn’t get a Shit that Pissed me Off blog up last week, I have two new short stories you can read if you like!  The first is a ghost story with a social media angle.  The second is a shorter bit about the end of humanity.  Or maybe the beginning.

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2 responses to “Shit that Pissed me off 10/7”

  1. Jack & Barbra Donachy says :

    So… you don’t think Trump and people like him lobbied and lobbied hard to have the tax code created as it is? That’s awfully naive.
    Kind regards,

    • Petsnakereggie says :

      I’m genuinely puzzled why you think I would believe that. I didn’t mention Trump’s lobbying because I chose to look at the idiocy of that particular meme from a different angle. I don’t think you can really infer anything from something I wasn’t writing about.

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