Shit that Pissed me Off – 2/10

Senate Silences Elizabeth Warren

Prior to the Senate vote in which Jeff Sessions was expected to be confirmed as Attorney General, Elizabeth Warren was reading a few remarks about Sessions penned by Coretta Scott King.  They pointed out that Sessions didn’t have the best record when it came to protecting the rights of his black constituents.

As is the case when this sort of thing is happening, the Senate floor was mostly empty.  Senators like to talk but they aren’t particularly interested in listening.

This is a non-partisan issue.

Anyway, because she said some bad things about now former Senator Sessions, the Republicans chose to censure her.  You just don’t say bad things about senators, you see.  That’s the rules.

Warren, of course, has become a hero of the left and she’s fine.

This T-shirt slogan was written by Mitch McConnell. Well done, Mitch.

This T-shirt slogan was written by Mitch McConnell. Well done, Mitch.

The problem here is the fact the Republicans have basically served notice that they don’t give a flying fuck what the other side says and if they are tired of it, they will just force the other side to shut up.  I mean, this isn’t much of a shock but frankly, all they needed to do was let her talk.

It didn’t fucking matter.  Sessions was going to be AG and the words Warren was reading were already out there.  It shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone on the Senate floor.

What took place was the Republicans reminding Senate Democrats (as well as the rest of the country) that they don’t matter.  When they tire of Democrats chatter, they can shut them up.

I don’t like that precedent.  And neither should anyone else.

Tweeter In Chief Freaks Out Over Nordstroms

Note: I’m instituting a “one story about Trump a week rule.”  Otherwise it is just too fucking easy to write this column.

Our President, who won’t stop using Twitter to further his own interests, this week unleashed his 140 character wrath on the Nordstrom department stores.

Nordstrom has been carrying a line of products named after Ivanka Trump and they announced this week they were discontinuing the line due to declining sales.

Now Trump, who continues to remind us he is a successful businessman, should understand that when a company is losing money on a particular brand, it makes sense to discontinue that brand.  Being the President of the United States, however, he’s got to protect his daughter.

Because, I guess, she’s not rich or beautiful or the daughter of the President of the United States or something.

So he went on a rant against Nordstrom.  Apparently, this kind of attempt to influence a business is not a conflict of interest in the literal sense of the term.

His legions are now saying the will be boycotting Nordstrom.  Given his legions live in primary rural areas and most of them don’t make a ton of money, I’m going to guess the majority of them were already shopping at Wal-Mart.

I’m just saying – I don’t shop at Nordstrom either.  I don’t think a boycott of Trump supporters is going to hurt their sales anywhere near as much as the fact Department Stores are a declining industry, you know?

Trump needs to chill the fuck out.  Unfortunately, his personality would suggest that such behavior is unlikely.

Assholes Decide that the Really Important Thing to do After Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance is to Body Shame Her

I thought Gaga’s performance during the Super Bowl Halftime show was pretty close to flawless.  Her mic drop at the end was well-earned.

A few sharp-eyed viewers felt that the most important thing to observe was her bare midriff which was, in their personal opinion, not tight enough to be bare.

I’m going to guess that most of these people were guys and at least one of them wears a speedo when he’s at the beach even though the last time he lifted weights was when he was forced to in order to earn a credit in his high school gym class.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Worst four weeks of my high school life.

Worst four weeks of my high school life.

Not to fat shame that guy, either.  I’m just saying that anybody with the body type of your average arm-chair quarterback should probably keep their mouth shut about Lady Gaga.  Their house is most definitely made of glass and Gaga could shatter it.

With her voice.

A voice she used to say that she was proud of her body and everyone else should be proud of theirs too.

Two mic drops in one week, Lady Gaga?  Well that’s just showing off.

Oklahoma Legislator is Trying to Pass a Law to Make it Legal to Post the Ten Commandments in Public Schools

This falls into the “why the fuck is this even a thing” category.

I mean, why do we need to post the ten commandments in schools?  Do we honestly think our kids need a reminder that they shouldn’t kill or steal?

If you are super Christian to the point your kid needs to see the ten commandments at all times, how about you paste a copy inside their notebook?

It is their notebook.  Nobody cares.  You don’t have to pass a law about it.  You just do it.

This idea that public schools should be able to display the ten commandments comes from a position of extreme privilege that says “my religion is so fucking important, everyone else should be reminded at every turn.”

This bill disguises the whole thing to make it about the posting of “historical documents” as if you can’t already post the fucking Declaration of Independence.  Or the Magna Carta.

Not that people trying to get the Ten Commandments posted on school walls have ever heard of the Magna Carta.

This continues to be one of the dumbest arguments out there.  It is all about Christians not being comfortable with the fact their kids are spending too much of their lives where they aren’t surrounded by reminders of Christianity.  Or something.

I mean seriously, why is this a thing?

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