Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/17

Democratic Congressman Makes Me Defend Kellyanne Conway

I was on vacation for the last two weeks and that means I need to play a little bit of catch up.

Now let’s be clear that I think Kellyanne Conway is a tool.  Her job is to go to the press and ignore their questions as a way of obfuscating all the stupid bullshit our rich white President tweets out.  More on that later.

However, the controversy around the following picture is a bunch of bullshit.

Conway is taking a picture of her President surrounded by black people in an attempt to make it look like he has a lot of friends who are black.  I could totally make fun of that because I’m pretty sure Donald Trump knows as much about the black experience in America as Ben Carson.

But instead, people like Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond made fun of conway for being barefoot on a couch.  I suppose the implication is that she slept her way to the top or something while ignoring the fact she was instrumental in getting Donald Trump elected.

I can hate her for that.  But I also have to respect her for that.  And in spite of the bad taste it leaves in my mouth, I have to defend Conway on the grounds that you don’t get to make that kind of joke about her.

Given all the stuff she does that is completely horrible, shouldn’t it be OK to shy away from calling her a slut because she’s taking a picture with her shoes off?  Do we lack so much creativity as a society that when we are presented with a woman we don’t like, we can find no other outlet to criticize her than shaming her for not behaving like we think a woman should behave.

Conway and her President will do and say so many stupid things in the next 24 hours (pick any 24 hour period), it seems like wasted effort to focus on something so unimportant.

Another Misleading Headline 

OK, Liberal friends.  Again, I’m going to beg you to start reading the stuff you share.  I mean, really read it.  And don’t share stuff with headlines like this:

Rep Jeff Guice: “Sick Children Should Die if Their Parents Can’t Afford Medical Supplies.”

See, this makes it look like Guice is a complete asshole.  And he most definitely is (evidence later).  Thing is, he didn’t fucking say what the headline claims.  The writer, instead, basically inferred that meaning from what he did say.  Which was awful enough.

After a constituent complained to him about the cost of medical supplies for their diabetic child, he responded by saying:

I am sorry for your problem. Have you thought about buying the supplies with money that you earn?

I mean, that’s some seriously magnanimous bullshit, right?  Of course they have thought about that!  And they have also thought about how much it costs to pay their rent or mortgage and to buy food and to buy gas and they don’t have enough because health care costs are fucking ridiculous.

But fuck them because they are apparently too stupid to have considered paying for the supplies with money that they earn.

I mean, this asshole could have just said “I’m sorry for your problem” or even “I’m sorry for your problem but I don’t feel that the ACA is the correct solution for people like you who face these difficult challenges.”

He didn’t have to be a judgmental prick.

But the fact he was a judgmental prick doesn’t excuse the fact this article begins with a claim that is completely false.

I’m getting tired of this.  When the truth is constantly under attack by a President who just makes shit up on Twitter, we have to do better.

Trump Corner: President Accues Former President of Spying Without a Shred of Evidence

I know that the likelihood of a Trump supporter reading my weekly blog in which I constantly bash Trump is pretty low.

But I’d sure like to understand how anyone can defend Trump for his constant unfounded Twitter accusations.

It’s as if Trump gets an idea in his head that is completely wrong – like the idea that Obama ordered wire taps of Trump tower – and tweets it out.  That he doesn’t have any proof is irrelevant to him and to far too many of his supporters.

Pressed for Proof, the President simply tweeted out this picture. Of Hip Hop artist Proof. Get it????

Then Sean Spicer, who will go down as one of the worst spin doctors in history, basically has to say the President didn’t mean what the President actually meant.

Trump supporters have to stop defending the fact he is delusional, OK?  Because that shit is serious.  He’s making shit up.  Whether he is doing it on purpose to distract us from all the other stupid shit he’s doing, I don’t know.  What I do know is when someone flat out makes shit up, it shouldn’t matter what party you belong to or who you voted for.

Sean Spicer has to try to spin Trump’s bullshit because that’s his job.  For the rest of us, we need to realize that the number one source of fake news is Donald Trumps Twitter feed.

Mom Gets Called into School Because Her Daughter Punched a Boy Who was Harassing Her

So unless the kid was a Nazi, I don’t advocate punching him in the face.  Still, if you read this mother’s (unquestionably biased) account, you have to ask yourself what the fuck was wrong with the administrators at this school.

The mom was an ER nurse called into school because her daughter had punched a boy in the face.  Apparently, the first thing they did when she arrived was try to shame her for the fact her job doesn’t allow her to carry a cell phone while she is saving people lives.

Then she was told her daughter was in trouble for hitting a boy.  The boy, on the other hand, was not in trouble for repeatedly snapping her daughter’s bra.  Nor was the daughter’s teacher in trouble for telling her to just deal with it.

The mom pointed out the boy’s behavior was harassment and when the authority figure in the room refused to do anything about it, the daughter took matters into her own hands.

Now we can argue whether or not what the girl did was the best solution.  We can even argue if the account is 100% accurate.

But I hope we can agree that the fact a kid was snapping a girls bra should have been stopped by someone.

If we take this story at face value and assume the basic facts are true, I just can’t figure out how nobody defended this girl in the classroom before the situation escalated.  Or, if we assume the teacher was overworked and just trying to do his best with a crowded and disruptive classroom, why the administration immediately took the side of the boy instead of recognizing the fact the fight started with his behavior.

Edit: Speaking of checking your sources – I didn’t! This story does not appear to have a credible source and, therefore, is likely 100% fictional.  So I need to issue a mea culpa along with a link to the Snopes article that I should have read before including this bit in my blog.  If this thing happened, it would indeed be awful. 

Oklahoma State Senator Arrested For Soliciting Child Prostitute

This wouldn’t bug me so much if so many of the Politicians who get caught doing this sort of thing are publicly so intolerant of the sexual practices of others.

For instand, he voted for an anti-Transgender bathroom bill.  Likely he did so on the grounds it would “protect children.”

I know when I’m in a bathroom like this with someone who is transgender, my biggest concern is the safety of my children.

Children like the one he’s accused of paying for sex.

I’m sick of politicians pretending to give a shit about the morality of a woman wanting to use the women’s bathroom and then sneaking into a motel room to cheat on their family with a teenaged boy.  It is hypocrisy of the highest degree and something I see all too often from those who spend a lot of time policing the morality of others.

Vikings and the NFL are Looking for 10,000 Volunteers To Help with the Super Bowl

The NFL continues to bother me for the fact they are so rich, they can get people to do shit for free.  They are looking for up to 10,000 volunteers to be ambassadors for visitors to our great state during Super Bowl week next year.

Now when you are talking about an industry that makes billions of dollars, I would think they could afford to – you know – pay people.

And they can.  They can absolutely afford to pay people.

Now before we get too cross with the NFL or the Vikings, the odds are this volunteer effort wasn’t cooked up by either one of them.  Rather it was probably cooked up by some committee who is responsible for figuring out how to make Minnesota look good to all these visiting rich people who are going to be asking themselves why the fuck the Super Bowl is being played in a climate this fucking cold.

So they figure getting 10,000 Minnesotans to volunteer their time telling these visiting rich people how much we love ice fishing and snowmobiling will help.

It doesn’t really matter who is looking for all of this volunteer time, though.  When you are talking about an event that is a windfall for exactly one entity (the NFL), everyone else is going to get shafted.

So volunteer if you love our state.  Just don’t expect those rich visitors to spend anything on an ice fishing holiday next winter.  They’ll be wherever the Super Bowl is.  Because they don’t give a fuck about Minnesota.  They give a fuck about football.

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One response to “Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/17”

  1. Christina says :

    I agree with you for defending Conway in this particular situation despite the bad taste. But it’s not about criticizing an unliked woman because she’s not behaving properly. It about saying that the only way a woman can get into a powerful space is by using sex (f-ing the man in power) and not by her own efforts or machinations. It reinforces that she shouldn’t have power in her own right.

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