Shit that Pissed me Off – 6/23/17

Women Can’t Get Directing Jobs in Hollywood But Men Can

You know what is great about Wonder Woman?  It was directed by a woman.  Not because women should direct female helmed super hero films but because hardly any women direct feature films.  Is it because they don’t want to or because Hollywood is notoriously progressive until it comes to actually giving women jobs?

Before you answer that question, keep in mind that Patty Jenkins directed Monster in 2003.  Charlize Theron won Best Actress for the film.  The next feature film Jenkins directed?

Wonder Woman in 2017

The article above talks about Colin Trevorrow, who was handed the keys to Jurassic World after having made one mildly successful Independent film.  He’s now the announced director for Star Wars Episode IX.  He also directed the new, apparently horrible, film Book of Henry.

The problem here is men with no experience are handed the keys to major films all the time.  Women with experience are not.   Know how many movies Kathryn Bigelow has directed since she won an Oscar for Best Director in 2008?  Two.

Maybe someone tried to hand her a Star Wars movie.  But I’m betting they didn’t.

I mean it’s not like there’s anything in Star Wars for women to like, right?

The issue here isn’t Colin Trevorrow getting work.  It is the fact he is being handed major blockbuster films when more experienced women don’t even get a call.  I mean, Michael Bay makes unintelligible crap but at least his films make (for some inexplicable reason) gigantic piles of money.  When Trevorrow was given Jurassic World, there was no evidence he could do the same.

Except for the fact he was making a Jurassic Park movie so of course it was going to make gigantic piles of money.

If you handed a Captain America movie to a woman director, it would also make piles of money.  So why doesn’t that happen? They only super hero movie handed to a woman so far is the movie about a hero who is a woman.

It can’t be sexism right?  It has to be something else.

No.  It’s totally sexism.

In Turkey, Schools Are No Longer Going to Teach Evolution

They note the science is “too controversial” (it isn’t) and that it is too complicated for students.


I mean seriously.  What????

I explained evolution to my eldest son when he was six.  He understood the concept completely.  I  mean yeah, it was a simplified version of evolution that was later expanded as he became more mature and capable of understanding more complicated concepts.

But he got the concept right away.  They teach ninth graders fucking calculus and you think they are going to get tripped up by the idea that birds developed flight because it gave them the ability to survive in their environment?

Essentially, the statement that evolution is too complicated is the equivalent of saying “kids are stupid.”

They aren’t stupid.  And if you are removing it from the curriculum, it is likely because you are the one that is too stupid.

Radio Station Hosts Dude Only Screening at Alamo Drafthouse

A few weeks ago, a bunch of assholes got upset that the Alamo Drafthouse held some women only screenings of Wonder Woman. They compared their plight to Rosa Parks, which was some serious bullshit.

So now a radio show is hosting a “dudes only screening” of Metallica Through the Never.

And that in itself doesn’t piss me off.  It is a private screening and they can give the tickets to anyone they damn well please.

What pisses me off in a roundabout way is the number of women objecting to this screening.

Because there aren’t any women who give a flying fuck.

There are no articles by feminists complaining about how they aren’t being allowed to watch a special screening because they have ovaries.  None of them are contemplating lawsuits.

They are just going on with their lives and not giving a shit.

So I’m just pissed off at those whining assholes who made all of this a thing in the first place all over again.  Because when the shoe is on the other foot, they look even more petty and privileged.

Dash Cam Footage of a Traffic Stop in Worthington, Minnesota

We’re all friends here so we can agree that none of us know what transpired prior to this footage being shot.

And yet I think I can still question what prompted a police officer to demand someone exit their vehicle and then physically try to remove them before they have had the chance to remove their seatbelt.

I know some people who regularly defend police actions and I’m sure they will come up with some reason why the behavior of the officer in this case was completely acceptable.  And that’s the problem.

Because there are a shit ton of police officers who do it right.  When someone does it wrong (and this fucker did it wrong), they should get thrown under the bus.  No police advocate should look at this behavior and think “yeah – it is totally cool to beat the shit out of a guy before he has been given a chance to comply.”

No police officer should look at what this guy did and say “you don’t understand the stresses of our job.”  Because when you say that, you are saying “it is OK for Police officers to beat the shit out of suspects because our job is hard.”

I’m not saying their job isn’t hard.  I’m saying that it gets harder when they defend stupid pricks like this instead of saying “you don’t get to do this job any more because you suck at it.”

NASA Tells Gwyneth Paltrow that One of the Products on her Web Site is Making Bullshit Claims

Before I go too much further, I need to acknowledge that all of the products on Paltrow’s Goop website (no link provided because fuck pseudoscience) make bullshit claims.  One of them, however, claimed to use “the same lining NASA uses to line their space suits.”

NASA pointed out that claim was 100% bullshit.  Which should, you know, call into question the remainder of the claims the manufacturer makes.  It doesn’t, though, because the people buying shit off of Goop don’t care.

I mean, I shouldn’t care either.  People waste their money on all sorts of things that don’t work or they don’t use.  I have so many kitchen gadgets that are as cool as fuck and I hardly ever use any of them.

This is a microwave S’more maker. To make S’mores using a microwave, you just heat marshmallows and then put them on a graham cracker with chocolate. You don’t need this stupid thing. AND I WANT IT ANYWAY!

I have this cool ass tube that removes the skin from garlic cloves just by rolling them in it!  You know how much faster it is to just crush the clove with your knife and peel the skin off?

It is so much faster.  But sometimes I use the tube anyway because it’s so fucking cool!

No I don’t.

Will this stop me from buying cool kitchen gadgets?  Nope.

So hey, if Goop shoppers want to spend their money on bullshit stuff that doesn’t work, I shouldn’t care.

Except I do care. Because most of the peddlers on Goop are probably well aware their products don’t do shit.  Just like most psychics are aware they aren’t actually psychic.

That garlic roller really works.  It is inefficient and unnecessary.  But at least it does what it says it will do.

Rick Perry Loses His Cool When Confronted with Facts

Perry is a former Governor of Texas and Presidential candidate.  Now he is Secretary of Energy.  Given his views on Climate Change, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Because if you think Climate Change is a hoax perpetrated by Big Science (good luck saying that with a straight face) and you are from Texas (they have a lot of oil there), you are probably going to be super supportive of stuff like energy from oil and coal and less supportive of renewable alternatives.

Although I have no idea why you wouldn’t be all over solar since Texas has a shit ton of space and a shit ton of sun.  I think there’s also wind in Texas.  But what do I know?  I’m not the secretary of Energy.

So Al Franken pointed out that a conservative research group recently published a study in which they acknowledged their own Koch funded “red team” of scientists concluded that Climate Change was real and caused by people.  Perry said we need more debates between “red team” and “blue team” scientists on the issue.

Here’s the thing: this kind of bullshit assumes the red team and blue team are evenly matched.  They aren’t.  When it comes to climate change, almost everyone is on the blue team.  As Franken pointed out, even people assumed to be on the red team are actually on the blue team when they do the science properly.

That Perry is a denialist should be no surprise.  That he got a job dealing with Energy in this administration should also be no surprise.

But it still pisses me off.

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