Shit that Pissed me Off – 6/30/17

Trump Corner: Trump Admits his Claims of Taping Comey Were Bullshit

Donald Trump made a cryptic tweet that he may have taped conversations with James Comey before Comey testified to Congress.  In an interview last week, he admitted there were no tapes.

Which isn’t a shock.  Nobody thought there were tapes.  The fact he’s been dragging this shit out for weeks is an embarrassment.  Especially when you consider how often he uses the term fake news, you would think even his own supporters might cry foul when he creates it.

Instead, however, there is laughter from the right as they joke about how Trump was able to make everyone talk about secret white house tapes for a little while and, therefore, ignore the fact that Trump may well have attempted to obstruct justice.  Ha ha ha!

The claim of taping Comey was, in itself, an attempt to obstruct justice by drawing focus away from what he was saying and suggesting there might be proof he was lying.  By even suggesting such a thing, Trump undermined anything Comey would say.

There’s a bigger problem here as the Trumpbot response to his tweets about Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski exhibits.

Trump supporters respond to all of this by saying “ha ha – he played you!”

In all fairness, if Andy Dwyer was saying this shit, we’d think it was adorable.

Maybe he did.  Then again, maybe he’s just a fucking asshole who can’t handle the fact that not everybody loves him because some of us think fucking assholes shouldn’t be fucking President.

But let’s assume he is “just” trolling the left.  I don’t understand why that makes people happy.  It’s like saying “well as long as he only makes fun of the half of America that isn’t me, I’m cool with it.”

Oh those poor liberal snowflakes can’t take a joke!  Unlike those hardy conservatives who are completely capable of taking a joke, right?  Give me a fucking break.  They have an entire news network devoted to the fact they can’t take a joke.

And Trump isn’t framing this stuff as jokes.  He’s framing it as a childish defense of his brand. He’s making personal attacks and he means them.

Decent people don’t treat each other this way.  I don’t care if he’s playing the left or if he’s just an asshole incapable of keeping his mouth shut.  Either way, he’s just an asshole.

And every person who defends his asshole behavior or claims that his behavior is, somehow, OK because he is just giving liberals their comeuppance for wanting government to help the poor and marginalized communities (fuck us) is just as much of an asshole.  Conservatives are not assholes for being conservative.

But Trump is an asshole.  And anyone who defends his behavior as “just sticking it to the left” is also an asshole.

Campbell’s Makes a Gay Friendly Ad and, of course, People Freak Out

Note this link is to an article about how Campbell’s responded to people complaining about the ad.  The responses (which are hilarious) are actually not from Campbell’s but from someone deciding to troll intolerant jackasses.

In their ad, Campbell’s shows two dads giving their kid some Campbell’s soup.  It’s cute and it references Star Wars so hey, geek points.

Ultimately, it has one goal.

To sell soup.

And I guess it doesn’t sell soup to conservative Christians whose largest challenge in life is to protect their children from a world in which same-sex relationships are normal and none of their business.

They can certainly take their business to some other soup manufacturer who isn’t interested in selling their product to the GLBTQIA population.  Or at least one that isn’t so open about it.

The expectation of accommodation is really pathetic.  If we were all shielded from stuff we don’t like, I wouldn’t ever have to read about another Trump tweet.

If you have a problem with homosexuality, you are a horrible person.  But you are also free to explain to your kids why you have that horrible belief in an effort to convince them they should be as horrible as you.

Don’t think for one minute, though, that it means you get to dictate how and where your kids are exposed to the fact homosexuality exists.  Because like it or not, it does exist.  And if you give a fuck about your American freedoms as much as you say you do, you should recognize that it is important those two dads can feed Campbell’s soup to their kid.

Because their freedom to do that is as important as your freedom to not like it.

Difference being, nobody threw rocks at you for hating homosexuals.  Nobody told you that you were sick or perverted or kicked you out of your house or beat you up in high school for hating homosexuals.

Maybe you can just let them have their fucking soup in the kitchen instead of the closet.

A Woman Was Asked to Leave the a Pool Because of How She Looked in a Swim Suit

I couldn’t find a date on this story so it may be old.  Nor could I find independent verification, which I try to avoid (a check on Snopes didn’t find anything).  With those caveats, this is still pretty terrible.

At an apartment complex in somewhere, USA, a young woman was asked to leave the pool because she was wearing a one piece suit that, apparently, rode up her butt crack a little bit.  She was then subjected to a lecture by the leasing agent from the apartment building about how she didn’t have children so she didn’t understand how her body could affect teenaged boys.

So the argument, basically, was that she was wearing a swim suit that might get teenaged boys aroused.

Holy shit – everything gets teenaged boys aroused!  They can’t control it!  A girl (or boy) catches their eye and they get a boner! They see a bra strap and they get a boner! They finish a level on a video game and get a boner!

Find a Korok – get a boner!

At least half of their bodily systems are completely re purposed to do nothing more than generate boners!

I simply don’t understand why one woman needs to get body shamed for being “curvy” because teenaged boys are completely at the mercy of their hormones.

And I note here that “curvy” mostly likely means “slightly overweight compared to a swim suit model but not so fat that it would be OK to call her fat. But what we are really trying to say is that she’s fat.”

White Police Officer Shoots Off Duty Black Officer

In St. Louis, a black officer was off duty when he heard a commotion outside his home.  Because he’s a police officer, he went out to investigate and brought his firearm.  Two cops saw him and ordered him to the ground.

Then they recognized him and had him stand up and walk towards them.  That’s when a different cop showed up and “fearing for his life” shot the off-duty officer in the arm.

At least it was the arm, right?  I mean, the guy is alive.

The excuse is always that the white cop “feared for his life.”  There will also be a narrative about how the black cop did something wrong and “should have known better.”

Just like Philado Castile should have done something differently.

Maybe this one will play out a little differently because the victim is alive and a police officer.  Maybe for once, there will be some culpability.

And that in itself is part of the problem.  It is a lot easier to defend your actions when the person you shoot is dead.

“I feared for my life!”

“What did you do to make the officer feel that way, Mister Castille?”

Clearly, he must have done something wrong or he would have spoken up, right?

New NRA Ad is Holy Fuck Racist

I’m not linking to the ad and there seems to be a divide between the conservative gun owners who think the ad is fine and everyone else who thinks it is horrifying.

It’s as if the NRA doesn’t even give a fuck about the fact there are liberals who support gun rights.

And let’s be real – they probably don’t.

The language is purposefully divisive (they compare our President to Hitler) and they imply that Black Lives Matter protests are little better than riots.  What else can responsible citizens do but arm themselves?

I mean especially when they are comparing Trump to Hitler!  I mean nobody ever compared Obama to Hitler!


Look, the NRA and Campbell’s have one thing in common.  They are both trying to sell something.  Campbell’s is trying to sell soup to gay people and fuck the conservative Christians who just want to give their kids soup in a world free of the homosexual agenda!

The NRA is trying to sell guns and ammunition.  They aren’t selling safety.  They aren’t selling honesty (because if they were they would note that every US President since Hitler has been compared to Hitler).  They aren’t even selling freedom.

Selling freedom looks like this!

They are selling guns.  And if you want to buy a gun, I don’t get it.  Because I don’t like guns.

As long as you don’t point it at me and you don’t have a history of violent crime, though, it isn’t any of my business.

But let’s not pretend that this ad by the NRA is about anything more than selling guns by generating fear.  The number of people killed by Black Lives Matter protestors is, so far, zero. So implying that those protests are, somehow, terrorizing the law abiding is pretty inflammatory language.  Language meant to do one thing.

It is meant to scare people into buying guns. By scaring them with black people.  Holy fucking shit.


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