Shit that Pissed me Off – 1/19/18

Douchebag MRA Makes a Fan Edit of The Last Jedi to Remove all the Women

It has been a month but this next bit is going to include Last Jedi SPOILERS! Read not forward, dear friends, lest you learn too much!

The edit is 46 minutes long and pulled from a bad videotape of the movie someone made in the theater. Because when women are given power, it is important to strip away that power as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Now one might think this is a parody. Perhaps, you imagine, some person with a sense of humor saw all these nerdbros bemoaning the fact that Princess Leia rightly criticized Poe Dameron for failing to follow a direct order or that Admiral Holdo wasn’t a dude and thought “I’m going to make an edit that takes out all the girls because that would be hilarious.”

Nope. that’s not what happened. Instead, this shitbag literally believes that Leia was in the wrong when she demoted Poe for getting every Resistance bomber destroyed in an attack that served no purpose.  So he edited it out to make Poe look like a hero who didn’t have to learn anything.

Does this look like a guy who should ever have to take orders from a woman? I didn’t think so.

And you know why? It isn’t because that was a bad story arc. No – it’s because the person teaching Poe that lesson was a woman.

The edit also removes Rey (of course) because the Jedi are dudes! Just look at them waving around that phallic laser sword all the time! Girls wouldn’t want to do that! They should be in the kitchen pouring blue milk!

What truly annoys me is that this guy might have a girlfriend. Or a wife. Or a daughter. He definitely has a mother.

But who gives a fuck about the women in his life, right? He probably loves them a lot. It’s just the women in his movies that he hates.

Trump Corner – Shithouse or Shithole?

I was out last week so I was unable to fully explore Donald Trump’s use of the term “shithole” to refer to certain countries that supply some of the immigrants to the United States.  At least that is what at least one (Democratic) Senator claims was said.  Other (Republican) Senators say that they “didn’t hear” Trump say “shithole.”

At least one White House source claims he actually said “shithouse.”  Which is supposed to make it all OK.

I mean, the two things are different. A shithouse is what you put on top of a shithole so I guess he’s saying that people in these countries at least have a roof over their heads?

The problem, as always, is that Trump doesn’t give a fuck about optics. He just says whatever comes into his Donald Trump fixated brain.  Some people find that charming.

I find it horrifying that our President literally never thinks about what he says before it comes out of his mouth. And then, because he’s Donald Trump and therefore completely incapable of ever admitting he has made a mistake, he stands by it.

It is fair to look at countries like Haiti and say that it is in bad shape. It is unfair to characterize the people of Haiti as shithole people because their country is in bad shape.

Because that’s what Trump was really saying. He wasn’t saying these were shithole (or shithouse) countries. He was saying the people who immigrate to America from these countries are shithole (or shithouse) people. They are people we don’t want.

And not coincidentally, they are all from countries where the majority of the population is not white.

Unlike Norway.


Meme that Pissed me Off

I try to stick to one Trump nugget a week but this meme is Trump adjacent and it speaks to the way his followers immediately justify any shithole thing the man says or does.

Ha ha! You liberals are soooooo dumb!

Trumpettes hear their hero say something that is (as noted above) horribly racist and they need to justify the statement as quickly as possible. So they say “hey – these countries he’s talking about really are shitholes (or shithouses) or these people wouldn’t be leaving!  Why do they want to come to America so badly?  The only conceivable reason is because their home really is a shithole (or shithouse)!

Because Trumpettes, like their hero, cannot envision a world in which Trump does things wrong, they need to oversimplify incredibly complex issues to justify the fact he is an asshole.

Most immigrants from these countries actually would love to go back home! For whatever reason, they view our country as one that provides them better opportunities. Which may be true or it may be a “grass is greener” kind of true.

America claims to be the land of opportunity. We are fucking proud of it. Do you think nobody else notices that? Do you think no poor people from other countries think “maybe I won’t be so poor if I go to the land of opportunity?”

And they find that this country has it’s own problems. One of which being the fact we don’t want people like them here because we think they are taking opportunities away from us (even though they aren’t) and they are criminals (even though they aren’t) and they are from inferior countries (even though they aren’t).

And our President won’t let them forget that we feel that way. And neither will the idiots who support everything he says without thought.

Supreme Court Blocks Court Order to Redraw Districts

This is concerning. Gerrymandering is out of control. Currently it greatly benefits Republicans but the fact is it shouldn’t exist at all. North Carolina has one of the worst maps in the country when it comes to partisan gerrymandering and a court blocked the redistricting plan.

The Supreme Court is currently hearing two cases regarding Gerrymandering that could affect this case. I imagine that is why they blocked the lower court ruling.

However, I can’t feel good about what was done because I fear it is likely the court will rule in favor of this kind of bullshit citing “states rights.”

This is a consequence of the latest Presidential election. The justice who would be on the bench right now had Clinton won would likely swing the court strongly against this kind of thing. And if these cases were in states that were gerrymandered to favor Democrats, I think the conservative members of the court would also be against it.

Maybe I’m concerned for no reason but I had, not so long ago, convinced myself that the court might just see that this particular political game benefits no-one in the long run.  As it is, something tells me that this action, which may be legal but is super unethical, will be given even more protection by the court.

Elections do have consequences. The really do.



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One response to “Shit that Pissed me Off – 1/19/18”

  1. Salsa says :

    “If it’s not a shithole, they wouldn’t mind going back.”

    Do they realize that in 2016, the U.S. State Department estimated that there are 9 million U.S. citizens living abroad?

    Who’s the shithole now?

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