Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/2/18

A Bunch of Teenagers are Running for Governor of Kansas

I’m not pissed about teens running for Governor. I think it’s hilarious that someone finally noticed there is no age restriction to be Governor in Kansas and while I’m pretty sure no teenager is equipped to do the job competently, being seventy hasn’t helped our current President any so what the hell?

Given the current law doesn’t even require a candidate to be human, the legislature is working on a fix but it won’t be in place before the fall elections so Kansas might elect someone who isn’t even old enough to be drafted.

Here’s what pisses me off – every single teenager running to be governor of Kansas is a white male. Some are Republicans. Some are Democrats. A few are members of other parties.  But they are all a bunch of white males.

In Fact, the crowded field includes only one woman. She’s a Democrat and this is Kansas so she probably won’t win.

Oh shit. I’m back in Kansas.

So the real question we should ask here is: why is it that no seventeen year old girl decided to run? I mean, it is clear the law makes that possible given that a dog could run for governor so long as it could file the proper papers.

It seems that, at least in Kansas, young women are learning early that they should not speak up. They are being shown by the young men around them that politics is not a game for women of any age. That the boys know what they are doing.

Who am I kidding? It isn’t just Kansas.

Although the demographics show that more women will be running for office than ever before this year, this one state proves we have a long way to go.

And no, boys, I don’t want you out of politics. I want more women in politics

Billy Graham Was Only the Fourth Person to Lie in Honor at the Capital

In case you are wondering, the other three were Rosa Parks and two Capital Police Officers who were killed in the line of duty. So those three and Billy Graham, who wasn’t racist (he supported Martin Luther King) but he sure was homophobic.

I know we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but Graham was extraordinarily wealthy and he enjoyed his wealth because he used god to get money from poor people. I just can’t get behind that.

He was very good at getting politicians to listen to him. So good that he was honored in our Capital building. The idea that someone like Graham, a rich man with influence, is honored in such a way while so many people who are so much more worthy of such an accolade will not simply makes no sense to me.

That he will forever be mentioned in the same sentence with Rosa Parks and two Officers killed in the line of duty galls me.

What did Billy Graham ever sacrifice? Time with his family? Sure. We’ve all sacrificed that.

Other than that, what did that 99 year old rich man ever have to give up?

Graham wasn’t all bad and compared to other greedy televangelists like Jim Baker and Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, he even seems decent.  We should not forget, however, that he took out full page ads against same sex marriage and his crusades were gigantic, expensive events that were paid for by poor people convinced that they only way they could have a better life was to spend money they couldn’t afford so Graham could go on another crusade to get more money from poor people.

Makes you wonder if there was a collection plate next to his body at the Capital building.

Ask yourself who is more worth of this recognition than Billy Graham. If your list is shorter than ten people, you don’t know enough people.

Trump Corner: Trump Claims He Would Rush Into a School to Save Children

I know. It’s a ridiculous claim he made while speaking to a room full of conservatives who were so filled with adoration, it took them a few minutes to figure out the flags handed out to wave for him were actually Russian flags.  It shouldn’t piss me off.

But it does because if I’m honest with myself, I know that I would never rush into a school with an active shooter. Even if my son was in there and at risk. Because I couldn’t do anything. Nothing. My presence would serve no purpose other than to provide another target.

And Trump doesn’t know he would simply be providing another target because that would involve forethought and self awareness. But the real reason he wouldn’t run into a school is because he has never once done anything to help anyone unless it would also help himself.

For instance, he became President in order to increase the revenue at his golf courses.

Running into school would not help him financially. It might make him look like a hero and there is no doubt he would love that. But he can look like almost as much of a hero by saying he would so something he will never actually fucking do.

They only reason he’d go into a school is because he sees young women inside who he finds as attractive as his daughter.

If there was a school shooting and Donald Trump was standing outside the school, here’s what would happen: Nothing.

Because Trump would never be standing next to that public school anyway. His kids all go to private schools with expensive locks and security and he would never be standing next to it anyway. He’d be sitting in the back of his limousine tweeting about much he hates Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation and complaining that something was making him late to his next golf round.

He’s also be cheating on his wife. Because anyone who thinks that he cheated on his first two wives and then somehow has managed to stay faithful to this one is delusional.

The Last Male Northern White Rhino is Dying

For those who don’t know, there are currently three Northern White Rhinos left in the world. One male and two females.  The male is suffering age related illness and will soon die.

The sub species will, no doubt, soon be extinct. That in itself pisses me off.

But if you dig a little deeper in this article, you will learn that this aging, almost extinct animal is under a 24 hour poaching watch. Because even though he is the only male of his species left, people still want to kill him for money.

Ground rhino tusk is very valuable as an aphrodisiac or bullshit medicine or something. I didn’t bother to look it up because it is all bullshit. What is real is the fact people will pay a lot of money for rhino tusk. And they don’t give a fuck that the reason it is so expensive is because there are hardly any rhinos left to kill.

Now, poaching isn’t the only problem rhinos face. Loss of habitat is a much greater problem. There are two reasons for that.

The first is they no longer have a place to live. The second is it is a lot easier for poachers to find them.

I’m not saying humans are the worst but sometimes humans really are the worst.

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