Shit that Pissed me Off – 3/23/18

Arthur Jones, Nazi, Wins Republican Primary in Illinois

Jones is a holocaust denier, white supremacist and unapologetic asshole. He’s such a fascist doucebag, his own party has been campaigning against him. They had to because he was unopposed.

He’s running in a heavily Democratic district represented by an anti-abortion Democrat who narrowly won a primary against a far more liberal opponent. He isn’t going to win.

But how the hell did he end up on the ballot? I mean, how is it that nobody noticed this fuck stick needed to have some opposition that was, at least, not quite so publicly racist?

Like this image! You probably won’t even notice it’s racist until I point out how racist it is!

I realize there are congressional districts that are not typically in play but here’s the horror scenario: say the current Democratic nominee turns out to be a sexual predator. You know, like our President.

Since he’s a Democrat, this would mean he could face a considerably tougher campaign and if the decides to stay in the race, suddenly his Republican opponent – a fucking Nazi – could pull an upset. Now, I’m assuming the Republicans would try to field an independent candidate or figure out some other way to keep this yahoo from being elected (that is currently what they are looking to do in the general election).

Still, he’s on the ballot in the R column. Which gives some measure of credibility to his point of view.

And the issues of the Republicans failing to keep this guy off of their ticket aside, twenty thousand people voted for him. He should have gotten one vote. He claims he’d get a vote from his wife but I’m guessing he probably doesn’t think she should have the right to vote.

Maybe a lot of those people didn’t know he was a Nazi. They just voted for the dude with the R next to his name.

So what’s worse, that some of those twenty thousand actually knew what kind of person they were voting for, or some of them would vote for any Republican and don’t even care if he is a Nazi?

Meme/Tweet that Pissed me Off

I don’t know if this is a Meme or just a Tweet. I mean, it is a Tweet that was being shared kind of like a Meme. So call it whatever you like.

I have a lot of friends who have wanted to be medically sterilized. When those friends are men, they can just get it done. When those friends are women, they are subjected to endless obstacles.

What part of a right to privacy includes the idea that you can pry into why a woman wants a medical procedure? How on Earth is is the business of a doctor whether or not she’ll regret her decision later? When I drink too much grape juice, I regret my decision later. But I’ve never had someone at the check out counter ask me if I’m sure I want to buy it.

The idea that the medical community gets to lecture young women on what they choose to do with their own reproductive systems is pervasive. Doctors probably don’t even realize they are being assholes because that is just how this has always been done.

Young women don’t want to have a baby and ask to do something about it. Doctors tell them that they might change their mind.  Young men say they don’t want to have a baby and ask to do something about it. Doctors schedule an appointment.

The abortion debate is entirely centered around whether or not a woman should have control over her body. You would think that the pro-life argument would be to tie a young woman’s tubes if she asks. No risk of baby murder!

Yet it is never part of the debate. And of course not. Because if you argue that a woman should have the autonomy to get her tubes tied at twenty-five, you end up having to answer why she shouldn’t be able to remove a fetus from her body.

Fox News Op-Ed About How Atheists are Awful

I shouldn’t really spend too much time on this article but it really is awful.

Anthony DeStefano has written a book called “Inside the Atheist Mind: Unmasking the Religion of Those who say There is no God.”

One can make the totally fair assumption based on the title of this book that he has never once talked to an actual atheist to get inside their mind. According to Wikipedia, he is an “author, television host and activist,” so he doesn’t seem to have any psychological training. But boy does he hate atheists.

Atheists are so vain, they probably think this meme is about them!

His Op-Ed, which is written entirely to promote his book, uses all the standard talking points to show why atheists are awful. Atheists don’t even realize that Isaac Newton was a Christian? Check. Atheist regimes killed 150 million people in the 20th century? Check. Atheists have no moral center? Check.

I even listened to (part of a) radio interview about his book because I’m a masochist and he argued that atheism is a religion with it’s own sacraments (abortion and euthanasia). Then he and the host went on to associate other things with atheism like environmentalism and said that has it’s own “original sin” (pollution) and I lost interest.

I just have better things to do with my time.

Thing is, you read this op-ed or you listen to what he says and you realize DeStefano has so much hatred in his head for atheists and for anything left wing (which he basically equates with atheism) that you can’t take him seriously. He calls atheists bullies when his own rhetoric is ignorant and hateful. He is everything he hates about atheists. But he’s a Christian so that makes it OK.

But this op-ed is still bullshit. And yeah, it’s from Fox News so who gives a shit?

I do. Because our President trusts Fox News.

Trump Corner: Andrew McCabe fired Two Days Before He Receives his Pension

There are those who might suggest I’m being unfair to Trump because Attorney General Jeff Sessions actually did the firing. I’m sure Trump had no idea it was going to happen.

I mean yeah, he made a sanctimonious tweet about it shortly after the news became public so that must have been the moment when he knew what was going on. The tweet reads a lot like someone who was surprised…

What makes this move especially dickish was the timing. In two days, McCabe would have stepped down and received his pension. This wasn’t a secret.

The only reason you fire a guy two days before he receives his pension is because you want to fuck him over in the most publicly demeaning way possible.

McCabe will be fine. I’m reasonably certain the advance for his tell all book will be a great deal more money than his pension was going to be.

However, it was a book he likely would not have written had Trump and Sessions not felt the need to publicly fuck him over.

Now maybe McCabe actually committed a firing offense. If he did, though, he could have been asked to resign months ago. Trump has been angry with him for a long time.

No, Trump let him think he was going to get to his retirement and then dropped the hammer. And by hammer I mean penis. Because our President is a dick.

Finally, a request:

If you’ve been reading my blog regularly, you probably know that I’m the Artistic Director for Fearless Comedy Productions.  Our annual 50 hour comedy marathon is coming up on April 6th and I’m trying to raise money in advance of the event.

Usually we agree to do horrible things in exchange for money. I’m going to ask you to help raise money for me to do something I really want to do. I want to dress up in a Porg onsie to host a Star Wars comedy hour. In order to give myself permission to do so, I need to raise $250 before the event starts at 7:00 PM on the 6th.

So if you are regular reader, how about clicking on this link and donating a few bucks to Fearless? It is tax deductible and I get to wear a Porg onsie!


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