Shit that Pissed me Off 4/27/18

There Was a Neo-Nazi Rally in Georgia

So many things wrong here. First, THERE WAS A NEO-NAZI RALLY IN GEORGIA.

Now only a few dozen Nazis showed up because historically, Nazis are cowards who rely on superior numbers and intimidation to gain power. Since they haven’t superior numbers, it is easier to hide in their basement and blog about how much they hate people who aren’t like them.

You can’t ignore the fact that some of them have the courage to crawl out of their holes and remind the public they exist. This is a new thing since – oh – November 2016 and it should scare anyone with a conscience.

Nearly 700 law enforcement officers (some reports say over 400 so I don’t know for sure but there were a lot of them) showed up to deal with the rally they believed would be much larger. Over 100 counter protestors showed up to remind the Nazis that they are racist fuckwits who shouldn’t get to say anything without being shouted down.

I don’t give a shit what you have to say you racist douchebag!

So the end result of all of this was the police arrested…some of the counter protestors.

Because they were wearing masks which is in violation of a 1950’s era law directed at the KKK.

Video from the event shows police in full riot gear with guns drawn.  I’m not going to pretend I know what was going on there but let’s be really clear about this – it doesn’t matter. The protesters were holding up their hands and clearly didn’t need to be held at gunpoint by over a dozen police officers.

I really think we need to stop this whole “Antifa and white supremacists are the same” bit because someone’s going to get hurt and I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to be the Neo-Nazis. And how fucked up is that?

Speaking of Nazis, a German Theater Made an Interesting Promotional Choice

Before their first performance of “Mein Kampf” by the City Theater of Konstanz, the theater made an offer: Wear a swastika (provided by the theater) and get in free. Wear a star of David (also provided by the theater) and pay full price.

Now I completely understand the message the theater was trying to send. Or at least I think I do. And I also definitely understand anyone involved in theater trying to get audience members to watch their show.

They were making a social commentary about how it is attractive to put on that swastika and get into the show for free. I mean, you aren’t a Nazi, right? And nobody needs to know.

It does feel a lot like they didn’t really think about how such a promotion would look in a country where the Nazi party killed millions of Jews. They claim they want to reignite the conversation about Nazism (presumably the conversation about how it is really really bad) but the conversation they ignited is about how their ticketing promotion really offended Jews.

I guess we could say that the Jewish community should grow a thick skin but they only reason we’d say that is if we somehow forgot what the Nazis did to that community.

I don’t know how the promotion went over. It’s entirely possible that the international news surrounding the idea means that opening night was a sellout with a whole lot of people wearing a Star of David and just a few cheap assholes wearing a swastika.

But does it justify the promotion?

Bill Cosby Found Guilty of Sexual Assault

The fact Cosby was found guilty doesn’t piss me off because the sheer number of accusations means there were only two logical possibilities:

1) At least some (most) of these women were telling the truth

2) All of these women were telling the truth

Please note that there is no logical possibility that this was a massive conspiracy hatched by over 50 women to bankrupt and discredit a decent man. Because that’s not even a little bit logical.

The result of this verdict is that Cosby will likely spend the rest of his life in jail. And when you drug and rape dozens of women, that makes a lot of sense.

Yet some people are still suggesting that this is a cruel fate for a man who is already 80 years old. I mean, what about all the good things Cosby has done? Shouldn’t that count for anything?

What about all the women Ted Bundy didn’t kill?

The guy has spent most of his life being rich and famous and beloved. Yet most in the comedy community knew there was a darker side to Cosby. A side that meant women were advised to steer clear of him because he was a serial rapist.

Cosby was caught but not until after he victimized women for decades. So if he has a decade left, he can spend it in jail. I have no idea why anyone should feel sorry for him unless he isn’t guilty of being a serial rapist.

But he really is guilty of being a serial rapist.

Or, I guess, being such a huge dick to women that a bunch of them would gang up to get him convicted of being one. That makes a lot more sense, right?

White People (mostly dudes) Standing up for Themselves on the Internet

Over the last couple of weeks, two different mass murders took place. One was at a Waffle House and one was in the streets of Toronto. Both of the killers were white males and they are both still alive.

One of them is also a member of the Incel (Involuntary Celibate) movement. For those unfamiliar with the Incel movement, it is a particularly horrible offshoot of the Men’s Rights conversation. Basically, it is comprised of guys who aren’t able to have sex with women because they are horrible people and so, obviously, they need to blame the women for that.

As I’ve watched pushback on the Incel movement and the fact that the Waffle House shooter raised any number of red flags before he killed four people but wasn’t arrested, at least in part, because of white privilege, the response is predictable.

Let’s say someone posts this meme:

Someone (always a white dude) responds by saying “you are being super insensitive to people who are in celibate relationships.”

Do they try to look up what an incel is? No.

And I could almost forgive that except for the response is predictable because they are making it about themselves. They don’t really care what this meme is about. They just care about how it impacts them.

Women don’t owe men sex. Period. As a guy, you should accept that. If you need to respond by saying “guys don’t owe women sex either,” you are basically saying “my need to talk about dudes is more important than what you have to say.”

And if you are a white person  and you respond to a post about white privilege by lecturing people about the use of the term white privilege, you are exhibiting white privilege. You are saying “let me explain to you how to make me give a shit about your problems” instead of just giving a shit.

Racism and sexism are real. And it only gets worse when white people and guys are too busy making this conversation about how the conversation hurts them.


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  1. Lollygirlie1 says :

    My only problem with Cosby’s sentence is that there are so many more white guys NOT in jail for the same thing, and most of them aren’t rich OR famous.

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