Shit that Pissed me Off – 7/13/18

Minneapolis Police Detain Two Black Kids Because Someone Reported the Kids had a Gun (They Didn’t)

So I’m just going to start local because I’m from St. Paul.

For those of you who aren’t from Minnesota, St. Paul is the Twin City right next to Minneapolis that you never hear about because Prince wasn’t from here.

Anyway, these kids were hanging out at Minnehaha Falls park and apparently dealing with some harassment from a white teenager who was calling them names. Racist names. Also, he was telling them he had a knife. No word on what happened to the racist white kid, by the way.

The police showed up, guns drawn, because there was a report that the kids had a gun. They didn’t.

If Bruce Willis had been in Minnehaha Park with a gun, they would have just asked for his autograph.

Did I mention the kids were between nine and twelve years old?

At least two of them were handcuffed, one of them without his shirt. He was begging for his shirt because he was being bitten by mosquitoes.

The cops didn’t give the kid his shirt because fuck that child for having been the target of a racist attack! Or something.

So you can’t even be a black kid hanging around in a park these days. But you can totally be a white racist.

The incident is “under investigation.” I’m sure the police officers feared for their life (I mean those kids might have had a gun) and the fact they traumatized some pre-teens will result in a firm reminder that you shouldn’t handcuff a fucking nine year old when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Speaking of Police Officers – How About the Asshole Who Let a Drunk Guy Harass a Woman and did Nothing?

You might have seen the viral video of a Puerto Rican woman being harassed by a white dude for wearing a shirt that was “un-American.” If not, it is partially included in the link above.

Note: Her shirt was the Puerto Rican flag. As it sometimes surprises racists to learn, Puerto Rico is actually an American territory. I mean, sure they have no representation in our government and basically no rights and our President seemed kind of pissed when they needed disaster protection but they are, in fact, Americans.

So this jackass, who has been charged with a hate crime (good), is harassing the young woman wearing a shirt proudly exclaiming she is a Puerto Rican.

Short aside here, this is the Puerto Rican flag (which is part of America):

And this is the flag of the state of Texas (which is also part of America):

All I’m saying here is – how is one of these flags anti-American???

So drunk racist guy is ranting at Puerto Rican woman and she asks a police officer who is right there to get the guy to stop.

And the officer does nothing. Doesn’t even respond to her. He just fucking stands there.

He has since resigned rather than face an internal affairs investigation. I mean, I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t draw his gun on the young woman who was being harassed.

Look, I know I’m not covering any new ground here, but police officers are supposed to protect and serve. The idiots who drew their guns on children were only protecting themselves.

And the ineffective douche in this video was serving no-one. He may as well have not been there.

US Delegation Opposes Breast Feeding Resolution at World Health Assembly

I don’t get this at all. We all know that breastfeeding is the best option for a newborn baby.

Certainly some mothers can’t breastfeed for whatever reason and that’s fine. I’m not going to guilt any mother for making any decision they need to make.

But a resolution stating breast feeding is the healthiest option for newborn babies and limit the misleading marketing of breast milk substitutes. This makes sense because especially when we are talking about low income mothers in third world countries, it is really easy to mislead them when it comes to making healthy choices for their children. So hey – let’s try to stop that.

As long as you don’t breast feed in public because that’s just gross – amirite?

The US delegation opposed the resolution, going so far as to threaten Ecuador with economic sanctions if the country introduced the measure.

They claimed that the resolution would have limited access to breast milk substitutes even though this kind of resolution really can’t do that sort of thing. I would think if it limited access to the substitutes that really aren’t that great for a baby, that would be a good thing. But free market, y’all!

The real issue here is the way the US sought to boss everyone else around. Which is a definite offshoot of the fucking asshole currently in charge.

New Late Night Show on Bravo Promises No Female Guests

Because what mass media really needs is more guys to share their opinions, Bravo has green lit a show called “Real Men Watch Bravo.”

Bravo does a lot of programming that is targeted to women. Stuff like the Real Housewives franchise. So clearly what they need to do is get more men interested by creating a show in which men talk about all the Bravo shows they love.

Guys loving Bravo shows is completely fine. Creating a show in which men finally get to talk about it without any ladies around is not.

Because how do you think it’s going to go? They are going to talk about these shows and they are going to judge every woman on these shows for their behavior. This is going to be a classic example of a bunch of dudes shaming a bunch of women.

And The Real Housewives franchise is pretty much based on people being able to judge women for their behavior anyway. Now there will be a show in which a bunch of guys get to mansplain how women should behave.

Sounds great!

Trump Corner: The Supreme Court

Trump gets to put another judge on the Supreme Court bench. This is another example of why elections have consequences and how we all need to recognize the true power the President of the United States wields.

But I’ll try to avoid being pissed at all the people who stayed home because “there was no difference” between the candidates.

The real thing I want to talk about here is his nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. The guy is a hard right conservative who is going to do even more damage to Roe v. Wade and could erode the separation of church and state. He also believes the President should be immune from prosecution and don’t think for a minute that wasn’t a huge reason Trump picked him.

I’m shocked! Shocked to learn that gambling is going on in here!

None of that was unexpected. I’m annoyed by it but really – I expected no less.

How about the fact that Trump nominated a fucking white guy? I know there were super conservative women he considered. Why not one of them? Or a super conservative Hispanic judge? Or Asian? What about someone who wasn’t just another fucking white guy?

We all knew that Trump was going to nominate someone who was going to be right of justice Thomas.

But there was this glimmer of hope he might try to pretend he wasn’t as sexist and racist as we all should be well aware that he is.


Meme that Pissed me Off

Can I beg all of my friends – liberal and conservative – to look shit up before you post it?

Check this out:

Now conservatives hate Maxine Waters because she is an intelligent black woman who isn’t willing to sit down and shut up. I’ve seen her regularly referred to as “crazy” by my conservative friends who apparently don’t understand that is a term regularly used to dismiss the voice of an individual – usually a woman or a person of color.

Had Maxine Waters said this, I have little doubt it would have been hyperbole. Basically, she would have been saying “undocumented workers have no voice in this country and maybe that should change, you racist assholes.”

But here’s the big problem with this meme.

She said no such fucking thing.

It took a five second Google search to confirm that she had said no such thing. Yet people are sharing this meme left and right because they hate Maxine Waters and don’t actually give a fuck what she actually said.

It’s the same as sharing Trump tweets that aren’t actually Trump tweets. He’s a hateful, bigoted, sexual predator! You don’t have to make that shit up. Just share what he actually said.

Maxine Waters is a passionate liberal politician. If you are a conservative, I guarantee she has said more than enough stuff that you’ll hate.

And no, being a liberal person of color with an opinion is nowhere near as bad as being a narcissistic, selfish, racist, sexual predator. I get that. But we have to hold memes about both of them to the same standard even if we don’t hold the actual individuals in question to the same standard.

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