Shit that Pissed me Off – 7/20/18

Trump Corner: The Russia Problem

I don’t usually lead with Donald Trump because he’d pretty much always a problem. Him and the people who blindly accept everything he does as anything other than the actions of a narcissistic racist whose every action is meant to make things better for himself and his family members.  And who is also a sexual predator.

This week, Trump had a private meeting with Vladimir Putin and proceeded to throw his own intelligence agencies under the bus in the press conference that followed. What he did was so blatant, even Fox news had to acknowledge it at first. They couldn’t side with Trump until a day later when he basically said that he didn’t mean what he said and also fake news.

Because the news is super fake when it is quoting what Trump said into a microphone.

Now all of this was bad. But I feel as if we lost something while we were all being pissed off at our President for being a clueless asshole.

He had a private meeting with Vladimir Putin and we still don’t know what they talked about.

Did Putin ride to the meeting on a horse while shirtless? WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT!!!!

Putin has even announced he is beginning to work on military agreements reached at that meeting. But we don’t know what those agreements are. It isn’t even clear that our military is aware of what those agreements are.

Understand, our President called the European Union our “foe” last week. He then had a closed door meeting with Putin in which even his staff was not allowed. And he got together with Kim Jong Un earlier this year.

When a President of the United States has nicer things to say about two dictators than he does about democratically elected leaders of state, it should scare the ever loving shit out of you.

This isn’t politics. Stop loving this guy because he’s a Republican. He isn’t. He’s a guy who will do anything and everything to better himself.

I don’t know what he talked about with Putin. And neither do you. Don’t get caught up being pissed at him for insulting the US intelligence community to forget that he was buddying up to an oppressive dictator.

….and so was Putin.

Gay Jokes About Putin and Trump

There were a lot of really homophobic jokes that came out in response to the Trump-Putin summit. They were really lazy and stupid and the thing is – if Trump and Putin are gay lovers, there is nothing wrong with that.

I mean, there actually is because it is clearly a conflict of interest for both of them and they are both cheating on their wives (which shouldn’t be a surprise when it comes to Trump).  Also, being gay in Russia is even worse than being gay in America. So that would probably cause Putin some problems.

I just realized I’m being unfair to Putin. As a powerful dictator, it is very likely he has cheated on his wife at least as much as Trump. Maybe that’s what they were talking about in their secret fucking meeting.

You know – locker room talk.

I genuinely don’t care if Trump and Putin are lovers. Aside from the whole conflict of interest problem (which would be a pretty big fucking problem).

Most importantly, don’t gay people in America (and especially Russia) have enough problems without having to accept people like Trump and Putin into their ranks?

I mean, who wants those guys at their pride parade? Anyone?

Store Manager Calls The Police on A Black Woman With a Coupon

Do you ever stop to wonder how often this happened before people had cell phones? How often white people called the cops on black people for doing something white people do all the time?

In this case, a woman was trying to use a coupon for a free item at CVS and the store employee and manager decided it was fake (it wasn’t). So they called the cops.

Officer – there is a black woman in my store who is trying to save money and that is CLEARLY not the basis of a healthy free market economy!

Then, while the woman was filming him calling the cops, he claimed she was attacking him (she wasn’t). So when the cops came and determined it was a bullshit call, the manager and store employee got fired.

The manager was also a leader of the Illinois Log Cabin Republicans (so there’s one person who might be happy to have Donald Trump at a pride parade) but they were none to pleased by his actions and he’s been ousted from that organization as well.

Just ask yourself – how often does this happen when there isn’t a camera? Is it any wonder people of color in this country are afraid of the police? Wouldn’t you be if white people were constantly using the police to remind people of color that they just aren’t welcome?

White Woman Calls the Cops on a Man Sitting in his Car Doing Nothing

I could say a lot of the same stuff I just said again.

This black man was sitting in his car waiting for his Yoga class to start.

That’s it.

I’ve got an idea, white people who think there isn’t a problem with race in this country, go sit in your car for an hour. Just pick a neighborhood and sit in your car.

See if anyone calls the cops.

Netflix Reveals the Look of the New She-Ra and Fanboys are Upset Because She Doesn’t have Big Boobs

I know. I know. #NotAllFanboys.

The new She-Ra cartoon looks to feature a younger character as She-Ra. She’s a teenager. And her appearance is definitely Japanese Anime inspired.

But what the heck is up with her small breasts? I mean, how can she be effective with when her boobs are so small? Isn’t that where her power came from?

Don’t her breasts power that sword? How can that sword be as effective without massive breast power?

Fanboys get upset about all sorts of stuff. Why earlier this week, I read a post by a fanboy who was upset that the new Doctor isn’t wearing a suit but it was totally not because she’s a woman.

I myself was upset by the Titans trailer because holy shit does it make the show look like a dark, broody, boring piece of crap that is “edgy” because Robin says “fuck Batman.”


So I get it, Fanboys do a lot of hand wringing over new things that aren’t like the old things they love. And Fanboys love big boobs.

Which makes sense. Because some fanboys are the biggest boobs of all.

Meme that Pissed me Off

There’s actually a whole blog devoted to this one. It’s called The Transformed Wife and I am deliberately not providing a link.

The web site, as you can imagine, is one of those conservative Christian sites that encourages women to be subservient to their husbands and to withhold their virginity until marriage and to hate homosexuals. All that good stuff.

But let’s consider the ridiculousness of this meme on its own terms, shall we?

Most important, as fanboys have indicated above, big boobs are also an important factor in the desirability of women. So I’m not sure how that got left off.

The debt free thing is important for both men and women and if it wasn’t actually specifically referring to college debt and being used as a way to tell young women they should not seek higher education, I’d be all right with it. Because carrying less debt is a good thing. But how about helping your significant other to find ways to get through college without amassing a pile of student loan debt rather than guilting young women into not getting an education because they should be staying at home and raising children.

Probably home schooling them. Which would be easier if they had a college education.


There’s also the assumption that young women should work towards what men prefer. Which they shouldn’t. It also assumes all men prefer the same things. Which they don’t.

And the tattoo thing. Well….fuck that all over the place.

Young women should do whatever they want. And if guys don’t like it – they can fuck right off.

Bonus Meme That Pissed Me Off

Remember how I expressed concern that Donald Trump was paling around with dictators and calling allies “foes?”

Counter argument!

CHECKMATE, liberals!

I mean, this is pretty damning, right? Every President has been nice to Putin.

Well of course they have. When world leaders meet, they rarely engage in fisticuffs.

The issue here is not that Trump seemed all buddy buddy with Putin. It is that he seemed subservient to Putin. He held a secret meeting (which is pretty fucking dumb when you are under investigation for collusion). He said he trusted Putin more than he trusted his own intelligence agencies (until he said he didn’t mean that).

Leaders of state are polite to one another. The Queen of England was polite to Donald Trump even though she probably thinks he’s a buffoon (he is).

So yeah, these other Presidents were polite to Putin. But I’ll be willing to wage money that even George W Bush, who was pretty dumb, didn’t trust that asshole.

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