Shit that Pissed me Off – 10/5/18

Buckle your seat belts, y’all. This week. Holy shit this week.

Also, possible trigger warning because I do talk about sexual assault in very general terms.

Trump Corner

Let’s just start here with our shitbag of a President. What has he done recently?

Well, he mocked a sexual assault victim, he said it is a scary time for young men in America, and he said the King of Saudi Arabia wouldn’t last two weeks without American military support.

That last one might actually be true but what a way to undermine one of America’s strongest allies. And yeah – the rulers of Saudi Arabia are awful and I could get behind any President who had the courage to say so but that’s not what Trump was doing.

I’m really done being polite about this asshole. He is a sexual predator (no those women did not make their stories up). He’s a bully. He’s a racist.

And in spite of all of it, there’s a possibility the Democrats won’t win this fall because…hell I don’t know why.

Ahhh! Brown people!

Because people enjoy supporting a man child who delights in punching down at women, minorities, and the poor (who vote for him anyway)? Because they are such evangelical zombies that they will follow any man who claims to be the same (unless he’s a Democrat)?

I don’t know. Everyone of every political persuasion (with the exception of white supremacists) should hate this man. They should hate everything about him.

And yet they don’t. They go to his rallies. They laugh with him at victims of violent sexual assault. They show up at the polls to vote for whomever he tells them to vote for.

If the rest of us aren’t willing to show up at the polls and fight back this November, I’m out of ideas, folks. Because Trump and the rabble who blindly follow him into the abyss of humanity need to lose. Badly. And often.

There are more of us who are against him, aren’t there? There have to be.

So listen to me: if you think he is a good man, you are wrong. If you think he gives a flying fuck about you and your problems, you are wrong. He is interested in making money for himself. That’s what this Presidency is about. It isn’t about making America Great Again. It is about making Trump richer than he already was.

And he doesn’t give a shit who he hurts a long the way. This week it’s Christine Blasey Ford. Next week it might be you. And there will be stadiums full of people laughing right along with him.

Meme that Pissed me Off #1

I’ve been collecting shithead conservative memes this week. I don’t want to hate conservatives. I really don’t. I know a lot who aren’t assholes.

Thing is, the conservative movement has been hijacked by the assholes. Example number one:

Note this has been fixed by someone with a brain. But let’s start with the original cartoon.

Look at those poor teenagers. The boy is afraid he’ll be accused of sexual assault. The girl wants him to kiss her.

The cartoon is fixed very simply by having the boy ask permission. I mean that seems pretty simple.

And hey, maybe later he could say “I’d really like to put my hand on your breast, how do you feel about that?”

At that point, she might say yes again. Or she might say no. And if she says no and he doesn’t put her hand on her breast, everything is still OK.

I get that we all want our love lives to be a romantic comedy where we fall into each others arms and begin kissing without ever communicating about the exchange. And that happens sometimes, I guess. And if both people are using non verbal communication that makes it super clear they are into the exchange, it’s all good.

But most relationships don’t work like that. Most of the time you have to make sure you have consent.

That’s really OK. Even good. So stop making shitty jokes about how hard it is to ask permission to kiss someone.

Meme that Pissed Me Off #2

This one is going to take a while.

We have nine points and they are all wrong. They aren’t even close. So let’s explore them, shall we?

#1 Israel’s enemies over Israel

It isn’t that simple, is it, moron who shared this meme? I mean, do you even fucking care about Israel? You probably have no idea the complicated political climate in Israel. And look – as long as Hamas controls Palestine, the Palestinians are not really going to win a lot of sympathy. But Israel hasn’t exactly been saints at the party either.

And yeah, I know that they are in the middle of a part of the world that is openly hostile to their existence. I can’t even imagine what that is like. It must be terrifying almost every day.

But let’s consider that Democratic presidents have never backed off on aid to Israel.  Neither party has really done anything of substance to solve the problem in the middle east and the fact is, they can’t. Those folks are going to have to sort it out for themselves. I’m not saying it is easy or right but that’s the reality.

PS: I know more about the Israeli situation that most Americans and what I know could probably fill one double spaced page and would likely be mostly wrong. So I’m not an expert. Not even close. But it’s still a virtual guarantee I know more about this than the fuckstick who shared the meme.

#2 Muslims over Americans

AHA! So that’s what you meant when you said “Israel’s enemies,” isn’t it

Also, a lot of Muslims are Americans you ignorant jackass.

#3 Socialism over Democracy

Actually, dumbass, you can have both. For instance, Canada has a lot of social programs like national health care. But it is also a Democracy.

And America is a republic. But you already don’t understand socialism so it’s probably best that I don’t explain our own political system to you because that might make your head explode.

#4 Communism over Capitalism

I can’t speak for most Democrats but from my perspective, I’m not a big fan of either.

But look, you are making dumb comparisons. It makes a little more sense to compare Communism to Democracy (or a Republic) and Capitalism to Socialism (although you can actually have both at the same time).

Because China is a communist country but they are super Capitalist.

#5 Criminals over Police

Um…when the criminals are the police, yeah.

Also, saying that police shouldn’t shoot black men when they seem fully capable of arresting white men after they have killed a police officer is not picking criminals over police. It is picking life over death.

And when you call yourself pro-life, I should think that would make a difference to you.

#6 Globalists over America

I think this must be an anti UN bullet point. Or something.

Look, thinking America needs to fucking work with the rest of the world isn’t picking the rest of the world over America. It’s suggesting that an isolationist viewpoint is really the worst of all possible viewpoints in this complicated world in which we live.

And, of course, you aren’t talking about Israel when you are talking about globalism, right?

Globalism is actually pretty god damned good. And recognizing that America is not perfect is called realism.

#7 Wall Street over Main Street

The fuck? Did you look at the tax cuts your President rammed through? Did you look at the way it fucked over small businesses and self employed individuals to favor corporate tax cuts?

Do you know where your President came from?

You don’t even understand what those terms mean.

#8 Illegal Aliens over Citizens

They are undocumented workers. But also, I’d like to see you go out into a field to pick lettuce, asshole. And if it wasn’t undocumented workers picking your lettuce, I’d love to hear you complain about how much more it costs.

You also don’t really mean the European immigrants, do you? Because there are more undocumented immigrants who have overstayed their visas than any other category.

What you really mean is undocumented Hispanic immigrants, right?

And when you talk about citizens, you mean citizens who can take care of themselves, right? Not citizens on welfare. Or citizens who can’t afford health insurance. You mean citizens who “carry their weight.”

Even though those undocumented workers. are probably carrying more weight than your lazy ass because they are working two or three jobs and sending money back to their families and you are working one job and then drinking beer and watching football.

Oh that’s right, because of Colin Kaepernick, you don’t watch football any more. So you are just drinking beer. Budweiser, right? Because you’d never drink some foreign made beer like Guinness, would you?

#9 Atheism over Almighty God


The word choice was intentional.

Do you know which President in the last twenty years attended church almost every Sunday?

Bill Clinton.

Most Democrats believe in god. Most of them are Christian. Do you think you have a monopoly on belief in god?

The difference is that most Democrats believe god doesn’t have a place in government and you do. Specifically, you think your god has a place in government.

And yet you are scared that the US will fall under Sharia law.

I realize I’m an atheist and I’m a liberal and I mostly vote Democrat. So I guess you got me there. I picked atheism over almighty god.

But most Democrats didn’t. And you are delusional. Which creeps me out.

Meme that Pissed me off #3

One more. Since Brett Kavanaugh is about to get confirmed, we might as well take a look at this one.


You know what most men accused of rape have in common?

They did it.

You know what else they have in common?

They don’t go to jail for it. They face no punishment for it. In fact, their actions probably weren’t even reported.

This meme basically calls every woman a liar. It says when a woman claims sexual assault, it is only to ruin the life of a man rather than acknowledging that if she is telling the truth (and she probably is) her life has already been ruined.

I’m super pissed right now so here are some kittens. I needed that.

She gets to spend the rest of her life dealing with the psychological damage. He gets to forget all about it and become a Supreme Court Justice.

So cry me a river. I’m the father of two boys and while I hope I’ve taught them about enthusiastic consent and the idea that no means no, if they are accused of sexual assault, that will be hard. They are my boys. And I will love them no matter what.

But if they sexually assault someone, they have to deal with the repercussions of that action.

Not that there will be any.

Because what we see in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearing is that Republicans choose the perpetrators of sexual assault over the victims. Every time.

Hey, maybe I should turn that into a meme!


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