Shit that Pissed me Off 11/2/18

Dad Who Dressed his Kid as Hitler Upset that People Yelled at his Child

So the father in question dressed as an SS officer and dressed his kid up as Hitler.

Now we could argue that this was just innocent cosplay except for two things: the dad’s other social media posts indicate he is at least sympathetic to the Nazi ideology and there is no way dressing your kid up as Hitler is innocent!

This guy knew what he was doing. He was using Halloween as an excuse to dress up as a Nazi because he’s always wanted to dress up as a Nazi. He claims it is because he and his kid “love history” but there is a whole lot of history that isn’t Nazi Germany to pick from.

Now, if adults at the Halloween event came up to a child who looks to be around 5-7 years old and yelled at that child for his costume choice, that certainly doesn’t help matters. They should have instead yelled at the father dressed as an SS officer.

I mean, it’s pretty clear where the issue starts, don’t you think?

Hint: It’s the guy whose face isn’t obscured.

I don’t feel sorry for this guy. He’s a white supremacist who viewed a holiday as a coming out party.

I feel a little sorry for his kid because he’ll either turn out a white supremacist or spend most of his life estranged from his parents. So please, adults, do a better job adulting, OK?

The kid is still a kid and he doesn’t understand what he’s doing.

Please note: Don’t threaten this guy or his family. Leave his kids alone. Holy fuck.

Trump vs. the 14th Amendment

So Donald Trump, who in addition to being a racist and a sexual predator is also the President of the United States, has latched on to a new concept. He is claiming that he can issue an executive order that would end birthright citizenship in the US.

For those of you who don’t know, birthright citizenship means that a child born in the US is a citizen of the US no matter where their parents come from. So a child of say, an undocumented migrant, is a citizen even though their parents are not. Same for the child of a documented migrant.

This is something that is guaranteed by the fourteenth amendment. It isn’t universal and it is possible that an act of congress could override it for some people. An executive order? Probably not.

But who the hell knows given the makeup of the Supreme Court?

Now, the reason Trump is doing this is for one reason and one reason alone:

He wants the racists to get out and vote for Republicans in the midterms.

And look, if you are a racist you probably aren’t reading this blog. But I’m going to write as if you are.

So hello, mister (likely) or miss (less likely) racist!

Trump doesn’t give a fuck about birthright citizenship and I’m going to guess you don’t either. Some kid born in a US hospital is a US citizen. I mean, it’s the same as the kid you dressed up as Hitler for Halloween! That kid is a citizen.

So is that other kid.

Now let me ask you a question: does it make a difference to you if that kid had…I don’t know…German parents versus…let’s say…Mexican parents? Because I’m betting it does. I’m betting you are super worried about brown babies but not all that worked up about white babies.

That’s why you are racist.

Now I’m going to talk to the rest of you – those racist assholes don’t give a fuck about what I just said. They are just going to vote for whoever Donald Trump tells them to because they believe that Trump will cut down on the scary brown people who aren’t actually committing crimes at a higher rate but don’t confuse them with facts.

The operative word there is vote. They are going to vote.

All these folks right here. They are voting. Guaranteed.

So if you are not a racist and don’t want Trump to win with this bullshit racist language, you need to vote. For a Democrat. I know you think that the two party system is awful and the Democrats are the lesser of two evils and all that other whatever you think.

And you are right in one sense.

But in another sense you aren’t. There is a difference between the two parties and if you don’t vote for the Democrats, the Republicans are going to win. The time for a protest vote just ain’t this time around.

We can talk about how the American political system is skewed to create a two party system and how the fact there are two parties isn’t anything new later. We can talk about the inherent challenges set up by our Constitution that is a pretty good document but is by no means perfect later.

Right now, please listen to me: If you are a liberal and you don’t vote straight Democrat, you are putting people at risk.

You are putting transgender people at risk. You are putting children of migrants at risk. You are putting people who live in poverty at risk.

I know that absolutist language probably doesn’t appeal to you very much.

But look at what Trump is saying. And look at how his followers eat it up. And look at the fact that the reason he is doing this is to scare people (especially migrants) away from the polls!

So holy fuck. Vote.

And bring someone between 18 and 25 to the polls with you. And bring a woman to the polls with you. And bring a person of color to the polls with you.

Because if youth, women, and people of color show up, we just might be able to game this son of a bitch.


UMN Changes some Women Only Scholarships Because of Some Anti Male Discrimination Asshole

The name I want you to remember right now is Mark Perry. Mark is a professor at the University of Michigan-Flint and he wants to stamp out discrimination against men on college campuses! His target – scholarships for women!

He points out that more women graduate from college than men so there shouldn’t be women only clubs and women only scholarships, there should be men only clubs (not gentlemen’s clubs because that’s something different).

So I suppose I shouldn’t point out to this guy that there are men only scholarships all over the fucking place because most athletic scholarships are for dudes. I mean yes, Title IX does mean colleges have to have women’s sports but it doesn’t mean that they have to give out as much in scholarships to women, does it?*

Honestly, the fact this dude is so fucking worried about the problems facing guys in college and is also so successful at getting colleges to get rid of scholarships targeting women should show you that his concerns are for no good reason.

I mean, women still face issues with harassment and assault on college campuses. Why should they have a better chance at three scholarships?

When I use an image to illustrate it, you can see just how much better women have it, can’t you?

That’s right. This jackass was upset about three scholarships.

And he apparently thinks that women shouldn’t be allowed to have a club of their own. They have to hang around with guys or they can fuck the hell right off.

Please – again – tell me how the patriarchy isn’t a real thing.

*Nope! And there are some nice graphs at the end of this article to show the disparity especially as it pertains to scholarships awarded in men’s football!

Maryland Chooses to Fire their Football Coach After Choosing Not to Fire Him

Earlier this year, a Maryland University football player collapsed at practice and later died. Subsequent investigations showed that practices employed by their strength conditioning coach and seemingly endorsed by head coach DJ Durkin led to the player’s death.

In spite of that, the board of regents initially opted to not fire Durkin. It was a decision that wasn’t unanimous, went against what the school President (who is hired by the board so he can shut up and do as he’s told) wanted and against what the student board wanted (they just pay tuition so who give a shit). In just about every way, it was a shit ass decision (as this Sports Illustrated piece from earlier in the week lays out).

After making the call (and forcing the University President to go along with it), and then seeing the immediate backlash from making a terrible call, the board of regents reversed course and made the decision they should have made in the first place.

I guess all I’m saying here is the decision may have seemed difficult to the board of regents but it really wasn’t. There was no way to keep this guy around and by doing so before realizing their stupid mistake, they simply made themselves and their University look bad.

And it already looked bad.


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