Shit that Pissed me Off – 11/9/18

Trump Corner: A Press Conference for the Ages

Why bury the lede on this one?

So the day after Democrats managed to take over the House (more on bullshit Gerrymandering later) but not the Senate, Trump decided to refuse to answer reporters questions.

Now I could talk about the way his administration banned a reporter using a doctored video to bolster their unsubstantiated claim the reporter attacked an intern. But they just did that because their base loves it when Trump attacks reporters.

That’s why he consistently refers to the free press as an enemy of the people.

If you hear that and nod your head in agreement, you are creeping me right out. The press is, in fact, the tool by which the people can help keep that fucker honest. Well, they can try. Honesty is not part of his meager skill set.

The truth is the enemy of the Trump camp and most reporters have a pesky way of trying to find out the truth. Best way to deal with that tendency is to discredit most of them. That way the reporters who are biased to report what you want them to report are the only ones your legions will listen to.

So that was awful. But maybe you missed when our President who, if you recall, has always been a wealthy white man, lectured a black woman on racism.

Not only did Trump lecture the reporter, Yamiche Alcindor of PBS, on racism. He wouldn’t even let her ask a question.

I mean, I know he’s the President. He can talk over whoever he wants.

Also he’s a man and what he has to say is more important.

But that doesn’t mean he should. Alcindor was asking him if his rhetoric emboldened white nationalists (it does). He could have answered the question but the answer wouldn’t have been very good. So knowing he couldn’t really address it, he just blamed the reporter – a black woman – for bringing up racism.

He claimed his poll numbers were better with African Americans then they’ve ever been (which is technically kind of true based on one poll that is historically biased towards Republicans but also really not the point).

What he didn’t do was address the question of white nationalism. He could have spoken out against white nationalism. But he didn’t. He just told a black woman she was racist.

PS: that (skewed) Rasmussen poll he cherry picked showed that he has a 50% approval rating. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY????


So we know that the Democrats picked up 27 seats in the house this year which gives them control of the House of Representatives for the first time. Republicans have controlled the house since 2015 when they picked up 63 seats.

Politics ebb and flow in this country. I’d have more patience for it were the Republicans not led by a racist sexual predator. And also if the Republicans didn’t cheat.

So Gerrymandering is the process by which congressional districts are laid out to favor one party over the other. Basically, districts must represent the same number of people but you can partition them however you like and therein lies the bullshit.

What you can do is – say – make one district that contains a huge number of Democrats and then three other districts that all have more Republicans and Democrats even though if you added the voters in all four districts up, you would have basically an 50/50 split. So the end result is three Republican Representatives and one Democrat instead of two of each.

Now do this on a national scale. Everywhere Republicans control state legislatures (and they control a lot of them).

So back in the 2014 midterm, Republicans outperformed Democrats by approximately 7% nationwide. And they picked up 63 seats.

This year, Democrats outperformed Republicans by over 9%. And they picked up 27 seats.*

So what Gerrymandering does is it makes it harder for Democrats to keep and control the house.

Gerrymandering is awful no matter what party uses it. Because it means the House never truly represents the American people. At this point, Democrats almost always receive more votes than Republicans. But since congressional districts are so out of balance, it is still extremely difficult for the Democrats to get a majority.

If you can’t win by cheating (it may be legal but it is still cheating), you shouldn’t win.

*These numbers are pulled from memory so they could be slightly off by they should give you the idea.

Meme that Pissed me Off

This meme may seem kind of neutral until you realize what a condescending prick you sound like if you share it:

I mean look at how nice you sound! I’ll be your friend no matter what! Aren’t I nice?

No. You are being a dick to any friend you have who actually has skin in the game.

If you know anyone who is transgender, you need to realize that this election (and many more to come) has a direct impact on them. And if you don’t give a fuck about that, maybe they don’t need you in their lives.

That’s called being an adult. Sometimes you have to cut ties with someone who votes to hurt you.

Being an adult doesn’t mean unconditionally liking everyone. And judging people for making those choices is condescending as fuck.

I’ve lost friends over my hatred for Trump. Good. Fuck those people. I was never going to get them to understand the kind of monster they support and since they are supporting a monster, I can’t really be bothered to spend a lot of time trying to figure out the ways in which they are decent human beings.

I’m sure some Nazis were decent people outside of being Nazis. But I don’t give a fuck because they were Nazis.

So make your decisions about who you want to be friends with. If someone posts this judgy meme, tell them you are the one being the adult because your mental health is more important to you then their smug self satisfaction.

Then block the hell out of them! Like an adult!

College tells Women Athletes they are no Longer Permitted to Wear Sports Bras

The women’s cross country team at Rowan University have been told they cannot practice in sports bras and, further, they cannot use the track at the football field because they are distracting the football players.

Instead of working out at the college facility, they now must work out at the local high school track.

The tricky thing about this story is the university has made no statement about it yet. The story is a day old and I’m keeping an eye on it because there is always the possibility it is being made up.

There is an air of credibility to it, though. The idea that women athletes are expected to be “modest” when they are working out rather than “comfortable” is something women have had to deal with for a long time.

Apparently, this was considered for the new uniform but it was deemed too sexy.

I guess telling them they can’t work out naked in public is fine. But a sports bra is not a particularly sexy piece of clothing. It is a practical one.

And if football players are too busy staring at women in sports bras, that sounds like it is a problem the football players need to deal with and not the young women.

Again, I’m not totally convinced this policy is a thing until I see the story sourced from more than one place. So I guess we can say I’m conditionally pissed off about this.

A Plea for Money

Nothing pisses me off more than people asking for money.

Not actually. My theater company is raising funds for Give to the Max day. We only have two major fundraisers and this is one of them. If you enjoy my blog, please consider supporting it by donating to something that is very important to me.

You can contribute here. Any amount helps!


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  1. June Maple says :

    Just looked at a response to the “sports bra” debacle, and it appears that now sports bras are OK, but no change so far on the change of venue for training.

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