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On The Myth of Laziness

tumblr_m1adwcveET1rr5t33o1_500I know people who honestly believe that if you aren’t making enough money, it is because you are lazy.

I usually look at them and ask if they think I’m lazy.  I spend most of my time writing or promoting my writing or trying to find new projects so I can continue to write.  And I don’t make a lot of money. Yet.

Even if I find a way to make this crazy writing career pay off to the extent I can afford to do it, it is not going to make me rich unless I accidentally write exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.  J K Rowling isn’t insanely rich because she is so much more talented than the thousands of other writers producing books right now.

She is insanely rich because she wrote the right thing at the right time and because she got a whole lot of lucky breaks.

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Geeks Without God gets Artsy Fartsy

Geeks Without GodI gotta be honest.  I could have talked about this week’s topic for a lot longer than we did.  Our jumping off point was a discussion of a jackass that Molly had as a professor in college.  From there, we talked about the idea of aesthetic beauty and what art we all found attractive or interesting.

Of course, given the theme of the podcast, we also talked about whether or not religion could be afforded any intrinsic value because of the art and architecture that has been created in the name of religion.

It is all very philosophical and involves discussions of trips to Europe, artistic styles and even comic books.  Have a listen if that is your thing!

Some Art for Upcoming Vilification Tennis Shows

I have completed art for the next two Vilification Tennis shows and I thought I would show it off.  Both are by the lovely and talented John Newstrom.

First up is the November show, The Civilification Tennis War.  Yes, the pun is horrible.  The art is great!  Check it out!

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