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Geeks Without God Gets Charitable

This week’s Geeks Without GodGeeks Without God is live and it features an interview with fellow Atheist Voices of Minnesota contributor, Norm Barrett Wiik.  In the weird conincidence category, Norm also wrote an essay on summer camp and “Wiik” is prounounced “Wick.”  I can confirm we are not the same person, however, because we were both in a room together.  Also, he said on the podcast that he was too young to remember the Iranian hostage crisis and I was most definitely not.

Norm is also on the board of directors for Camp Quest Minnesota, which is a super cool secular summer camp.  The aim of the camp is to teach kids about critical thinking, which is something that is lacking in our school cirruculum.  It is not “Jesus Camp for atheists.

Nick, Molly  and I are really interested in helping Camp Quest Minnesota so in addition to having Norm on our podcast this week, we are doing a holiday fundraiser for them!  If you click through to our website, you will see a widget to donate directly to Camp Quest!  You could also just click here and it will take you directly to the donation page. Our goal is to raise $500 or more in the next month, which will be enough for us to provide a scholarship for one child to attend camp.*

So if you are like me and you don’t want to give your charity dollars to the salvation army this year, think about givng a few bucks to Camp Quest instead.  Help us reach (and exceed) our goal.

*Note – $500 is enough to provide a scholarship.  That doesn’t mean Camp Quest Minnesota will use the funds for that purpose.  That is up to them.  There are no strings attatched to our donation.  We’d like them to use the funds for whatever purpose they think is best.

A Christmas Gift for your Favorite Atheist!

So I’ve been doing a little writing about Atheist Voices of Minnesota over the last few months.  Geeks Without God did a podcast about it.  I took part in a public reading.

And I was just told that the book has sold a respectable 500 copies, which means that it has recouped publishing costs!  Sweet!

But hey, with holidays coming up, it’s a great time to give your favorite atheist some reading material. So if you are so inclined, just grab a copy of this charming little ad and send a subtle “hey – check this out” e-mail to someone who might be interested in giving you a book.

At this point, 100% of all sales go directly to Minnesota Atheists so while there are no Black Friday deals for the book, you can feel good because your purchase price is going to a good cause.

Listen to a New Episode of Geeks Without God Right After you Vote!

Hey everybody, Tuesday means a new Geeks Without God episode!  This week, we talked with Bill Lehto, who edited Atheist Voices of Minnesota.  The book features several essays by Minnesota Atheists, including one by me.  My first (and likely last) published work!

Bill talked with us about the process of putting the book together and it was a really interesting conversation.  Also, if you listen to the podcast, you will learn how you can win a free signed copy of the book!  What a deal!  Go listen if you want!

And whether or not you listen, please make sure you get out and Vote No.

My First Author Reading!

Hey everyone! I’ll actually be taking part in a public reading of something I wrote this October.

Specifically, I will be joined by five other contributors to “Atheist Voices of Minnesota” at the Roseville Barnes & Noble at 7:00 PM on the 10th of October.  We will all read from our work and answer questions and once you have been dazzled by our writing, you will have the chance to buy the book (conveniently pictured in this very post)!

If you can’t make the reading, you can still buy the book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.com in paperback form or for your eReader.

But you really should come out and see this.  It’s probably the first and last time you’ll have a chance to see me doing a public presentation where I’m completely out of my element!

If you’d like to know about my other creative endeavors, you can always check out my Upcoming Performances page.