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Stories from a Fearless week of Fearlessness

On AirThis entry is going to be pretty long because the last week was a pretty massively amazing week and even though I’m just trying to sum all of it up, there is a lot to sum up.

Last week, we launched a theatre company.

Interesting how I say that so casually.  We launched a theatre company.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  Any yahoo can launch a theatre company.

That is quite possibly true.  Fortunately, when I tossed the idea at a bunch of other yahoos I knew, their initial response was not to laugh at me and tell me that I was a crazy person. Instead, they told me they liked the idea and that they wanted to help.  Still sounds pretty casual, doesn’t it?

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Big Fun Logo Funtime

So one of the things I’m doing in conjunction with the launch of Fearless Comedy is launching a new show called Big Fun Radio Funtime.  I’m getting local comedy writers to work with me to produce a comedy radio show that we’ll perform and record live about once every three months.  I’m a big fan of the old radio show format so I’m looking forward to this project.  I think it will be a lot of fun!

That might be why I used the word “fun” in the title of the show.  Twice.

Our first show is going to be on the 18th of January at 10:00 PM and ticket prices are a super reasonable $6.00 in advance and $8.00 at the door ($6 with a Fringe Button).  It will feature scripts by me, David Walbridge, Jerry Stearns and Matt Allex.  It’ll also feature original songs by Geoffrey Brown (and also possibly me)!  Salsa Sterling will also be providing live sound effects for the show.

Currently, I have Dawn Krosnowski, Windy Bowlsby, Gordon Smuder, Don Cosgrove and myself lined up as voice actors for the innaugural performance.  So, you know, people with actual talent!  And me!

This is also the first “purely” Fearless production on our calendar.  Rather than a partner event, this show will be produced by Fearless Comedy as part of our annual show schedule.

And we have a sweet logo for the show by Melissa Kaercher!  I mostly made this post for the purpose of showing off the logo so put your appreciation goggles on and appreciate it!

If you are interested in other theatrical stuff I’m doing, you can always look at my Upcoming Performances page.

I am Fearless

So if you look at the right hand side of the page, you will see a new button that says I’m a proud supporter of Fearless. You probably don’t care what that means but I’m going to tell you anyway.

Fearless Comedy Productions is a new theatre company conceived to bring together several different comedy companies under a single umbrella that will, we hope, help increase the visibility of all of the.  It is also a company that will be producing and supporting new work.

The idea for this company was mine but I was lucky enough to be working with a bunch of other comedians who thought the idea was a good one. We’ve been talking about the idea for about six months now and we’ve finally reached a point where we can tell everyone about it.

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