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Putting it Together – What to Write?

I have a half-dozen writing projects going on right now when you consider blogging, Fringe shows, Big Fun Radio Funtime, Vermin, and random other sketches I said I would write.

I’m overwhelmed and at the same time, I’m pleased to have my life filled with what I want to be doing.

Sometimes, though, I have the hardest time figuring out what to put on the page.  Take my comedy blogging, for instance.

Writing a comedy blog is, I think, very important for me.  I’m a comedy writer and that means I need to write comedy.  That makes sense.

Every week, though, I have the hardest time coming up with a topic for the comedy blog.  I end up putting it off until the last minute because I don’t have any ideas.  The term “comedy blog” is pretty broad.  It means I can write about anything as long as I’m (trying to be) funny.

I’ve finally settled in to just asking myself what has happened over the last week and trying to come up with something funny to say about it.  Have I been playing a video game a whole lot?  Write a post about that!

Have I been thinking about my cats a lot?  Write a post about that!

It never feels good enough to me, though.  I fell like I’m crapping out on the whole idea because I’m not writing comedy about bigger and better things.

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Putting it Together – Social Media

Putting it Together is my Monday “artist talking about art stuff blog”.  The title comes from “Sunday in the Park with George,” the best (and possibly only) musical that is entirely dedicated to an artist talking about his art.  Is that pretentious enough?

I don’t want to pretend I know more about being a professional freelancer than anyone else.  I’m quite positive I don’t.

I think I’m starting to get this whole social media thing figured out a little bit, though.  The secret to freelancing and social media in this day and age is you must use it.  If you stand aloof from social media, you have sacrificed an essential connection to the people you want to reach.

It may be a source of pride that you aren’t on Twitter but is that a good enough reason?  Here’s a few things I think I’ve learned about use of social media.  I’ll note that a lot of this is comedy centric because that’s what I (want to) do.  A lot of it translates, though.

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Everyone needs to have a Schedule

As part of a renewed focus on writing stuff, I’m creating a blog schedule for myself.  If you follow this blog, here’s what you can hope to find.  If you don’t follow my blog, I imagine you aren’t reading this.

Monday: This will be all about the projects I’m working on, my creative process and my artistic journey.  I’m calling it “Putting it Together” because it sounds very self important.

Tuesday: Dregs blogging!  I’ll be posting on The Dregs website about our latest projects, music, gigs and more.  I’ll also have a post on this blog about the latest episode of Geeks Without God, which goes live every Tuesday.

Wednesday: Movie blogging.  I’ve been writing my Alphabetical movie blog on and off for a while and I really enjoy the exercise of trying to write about the mental journey I take as a result of watching the film rather than the film itself.  I’m going to “force” myself to post about a movie every week.  If I’m feeling super productive, I might even write two entries on the same day!

Thursday: Open.  What am I, a machine?  I might write about something.  I might not.  Give me some space!

Friday: Shit that Pissed me off.  My attempt to find humor in the news events that have struck a nerve.  Kind of a rage blog.

Saturday: NO BLOG FOR YOU!

Sunday:  Comedy blogging.  In other words, I shall attempt to write something funny.  On purpose.

If all goes well, I hope to begin this on Monday, February 3rd. My first installment of “Putting it Together” will, somewhat ironically, be about how I suck at self promotion.

God and Movies – a New Geeks Without God post

Geeks Without GodI have a new blog entry up on the Geeks Without God page.  In it, I talk about theism in film and specifically my response to theistic themes in Flight and The Life of Pi.

Molly has also posted a couple of blogs about memes that have pissed her off.

Enjoy our thoughtful atheistic rantiness!

Also, please donate to Camp Quest Minnesota!  Our fundraiser has stalled out at $310 and we’d really like to reach our $500 goal!