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Shit that Pissed me Off This Week 4/19

Eric Rush Engages in Classic Overreaction and States we Should Kill all Muslims

I’ve come out as being pretty uniformly against organized religion.  I thikn it is a tool by which people push their own agenda onto others rather than a pathway to god (if there is one).

That is not the same thing as stating that everyone who adheres to a religion should be killed.  Because that, my friends, is crazy talk.  That is the sort of thing bigoted, ignorant people say.

Bigoted, ignorant people like this guy!

We don’t know yet if this bombing was the work of a Muslim extremist (Glenn Beck does) but even if it was, killing all Muslims is not a viable or reasonable solution.  It is, in fact, far crazier than the act that just took place.

When you blame millions of people for the act of one, your priorities are seriously messed up.

Note:  Reports this morning indicate the suspects were from Chechnya, which is predominantly Muslim.  Preliminary evidence suggests they are Muslims.  It still means millions of other Muslims had nothing to do with it.

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