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Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 11/23

Conservative Christian Commenter Shows Remarkable Lack of Knowledge about Nature

We haven’t gotten a lot of comments from right-wing Christians over at Geeks Without God yet.  I guess we haven’t quite hit the big time.  I’m sure that we may eventually be awash in commenters telling us we are going to hell but we’ll need to have patience for that.  Someday we will be truly famous on the internet!

We did get a comment this week and what annoys me is not the comment, but the tremendous level of ignorance that it contains while being only a paragraph long.

If you are going to argue that homosexuality is unnatural, don’t start by arguing that it doesn’t happen in nature.  Because it does.

No really! It was an accident! We just tried to have sex with her at the exact same time!

Now as a whacked out conservative Christian, you have all sorts of articles that will try to make the argument that sure, homosexuality occurs in other animals, but it doesn’t count.  So why deny homosexual behavior exists in wild animals when you can just make excuses for it?

Please note that last link takes you to Coservapedia so beware: that way lies madness.

The point here is that the argument is useless obfuscation.  Who cares if homosexuality occurs in other species?  Birds can fly.  Fish can breathe underwater. Humans can’t.  Different species do different things that are completely natural. The presumption that homosexuality is a behavior that is somehow the only thing an animal species does that is counter to the natural order defies logic.

Humans, in fact, do a ton of stuff other animals don’t or can’t do.  There is no presumption that most of those things are unnatural.  Homosexuality gets special attention because one passage in a very long book has been given far too much relevance.

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