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Friend a Day – Christopher Jones

980607_657945264243072_3289884553983980137_oChris was one of those people who worked with me to start CONvergence.  Before we began working on the convention, I don’t think we’d ever met.  I think a lot of people assumed Chris and I had known each other for a long time because the two of us clicked from the very beginning.

Chris is a comic artist whose work has appeared in DC, Marvel, and a number of other imprints.  His work as a visual storyteller is exceptional and he brought those skills to the convention as well.  From the beginning, he was great at taking the disparate ideas the rest of us had and turning them into really great and iconic art for the convention.

He also created Connie, the convention mascot.  That one small choice helped brand CONvergence in a way that I don’t think any other convention can match.  That character has become the visual icon that ties the convention together.

In addition to his skills as an artist, he is a great public speaker and entertainer.  He is personable and charming and never caught by surprise.  I’ve asked him to guest at several Vilification tennis shows because he’s naturally comfortable on the stage and the audience loves him.

He’s been a frequent writing partner as well because the two of us really know how to get the best out of each other’s work.  Our senses of humor complement each other well and I think some of my best work has come from him.

In the past few years, he has finally reached the point where he has been getting consistent work as a comic artist.  It has been a long time coming for him and I am so pleased to see him enjoying more recognition for this talents.

I love to spend time with him when the time allows.  Since we’ve stepped away from the CONvergence board, both of us have found ourselves far busier than we were before.  Still, I never tire of the time I spend with him.

Chris is active on Twitter and Facebook and he has a website you can use to follow him everywhere.  You really should!

Geeks Without God and Comics

Geeks Without GodThis week’s episode of Geeks Without God is with friend and CONvergence co-founder Christopher Jones.  I don’t know how it came to pass that so many of the co-founders of the convention are not religious but it is entirely possible we were able to do what we did because we had Sunday mornings free.

I can’t take credit for that.  Molly said that.

Anyway, Chris has been a professional comic book artist for his entire adult life and so we spent most of the episode talking about his career in the comic industry and he even told us about a very cool project that he’s got coming up.

I haven’t gotten to see enough of Chris since he and I left the CONvergence board.  It was nice to have him in the house again.  Enjoy the episode!