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Shit that Pissed Me off This Week 7/20

I note that yes, the shooting in Colorado pissed me off.  But I’m not going to write about it because fuck that guy.  This is all the 1’s and 0’s I’m going to commit to him.

The Mitt Romney Bain Debacle

What pisses me off is that there is no there there.  I’m a liberal.  I don’t like Romney.

Yet if you read the article linked above that quotes both anonymous and public sources who are Democrats that Support Obama, this whole thing appears to be much ado about nothing.

The Bain issue appears to be the Democratic equivalent of a swiftboat campaign.  There are a lot of good reasons why Romney shouldn’t be our next President.  If there is an honest belief he can’t be beaten on those grounds, the problem is with our campaign.

Just look at the guy! I’m telling you, he’s an Auton!

I don’t like it when Republicans lie and obscure facts because I don’t agree with the majority of their agenda and if people really understood it, I don’t think a lot of others would either.

What I really hate, though, is when Democrats do the same thing.  I know – they do it all the time.

But I agree with them most of the time and I wish they would figure out how to get people to understand their point of view without resorting to misdirection.

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