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Short Story – Dinosaur Bones

t_rex_skull_samsonFor this week’s story, I decided I wanted to include a dinosaur.  Not just any dinosaur, though, but one that was alive. And not just a dinosaur that was alive but one that was alive right now.  Sort of like in Jurassic Park but not like that because Jurassic Park has been done already.

In the end, things didn’t happen exactly as I’d originally planned.  But the idea of a dinosaur that was alive is still the driving centerpiece of the story.

As always, thanks for reading if you do.  Thanks for sharing if you do.  And thanks just for being you!

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Alphabetical Movie – The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2

The central argument being made by Jurassic Park and The Lost World is if we bring dinosaurs back from extinction, they will destroy us.  Humans, we learn, are just too puny to survive the return of the giant lizards and we will become a buffet for T-rex and Velociraptors.

Not being a biologist, I can only speculate that there are gigantic problems with this assumption as the current climate on most of the Earth is not actually compatible with dinosaur physiology.  Sure, Velociraptor infestation would a problem in New York but could they survive the winter?

Science aside, here’s the big problem with this premise:  Who cares?  Dinosaurs!

If a scientist stepped up to a podium tomorrow and said “I can re-create dinosaurs but there are going to be a few problems…” every reporter in the room would miss what came next because they would be envisioning parks where you could saddle up to ride an Apotosaurus, go Pteranadon gliding and feed goats to a T-Rex.

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