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Shit That Pissed me Off This Week – 6/29

Iranian Americans Told They are Not Allowed to Buy an iPad because Racism

I’ve been an Apple customer for a long time.  There are more Apple products in my house than there are bathrooms.  It’s pretty sad.

This story is a publicity nightmare and I’m pissed they didn’t have the intelligence to publicly state “you know what – we messed up.”

While Apple has a policy against exporting their products to Iran (because what Iran needs to bring down the US is clearly lots and lots of iPads), that doesn’t mean that anyone who speaks Farsi should be denied service.

A vital piece of the dreaded Iranian “iPad enrichment” program

Hell, I think it is a pretty major invasion of privacy just to ask what language was being spoken.  If I was speaking a foreign language in an Apple store and an employee asked me what language it was, I’d tell them it was none of their business.  Especially now.

Come on Apple!  Wake up and admit your policy is screwed and tell people you won’t be denying service to anyone based on what language they speak.  To achieve your goal of world domination by 2018, it is a necessary step.

You can’t dominate the world if you don’t dominate Iran.  I think Napoleon said that.

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