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Shit that Pissed me off – 12/5

Radical Feminism Helps No-One

I don’t suggest clicking on the link above.  I know very few people who would sympathize with what is written there.

As someone who tries very hard to support feminism, I see nothing of value in this woman’s rant about how men are clearly inferior to women.  They aren’t.  They are different.  In some (mostly physical) ways men have certain advantages.  In other ways they do not.  When you remove the obstacles society creates for women, men and women are mostly equal.

Except Matt Damon.  Matt Damon is clearly superior to everyone.  I want to be clear that his superiority has nothing to do with his gender.

Except Matt Damon. Matt Damon is clearly superior to everyone. I want to be clear that his superiority has nothing to do with his gender.

The problem is people viewing this extreme point of view and calling it feminism.  As if all feminists are out there just despising men for having the misfortune to exist.

When, in truth, hardly any of them are.

Every point of view has it’s extremes.  The problem becomes people viewing the extreme position as representative of the entire position.  Feminism is about working to fix a society that is off balance.  It is not about creating a “utopia” where men don’t exist.

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Geeks Without God Plays a Lame-ass Game!

Geeks Without GodSo we had this great idea for a podcast.  We figured we’d get Brianne Bilyeu, Stephanie Zvan and Jason Thiebault, all former guests of our show (and bloggers on FreeThought Blogs), on the podcast again.  We’d have all of them play “Left Behind: The Board Game” with us while consuming Moonshine soaked cherries and it would be a hoot!

We didn’t count on one of the worst designed games ever devised. The board game is not merely a horrible fundamentalist screed.  It is a horrible board game. We tried mightily to make the podcast interesting and I don’t know if we succeeded or not.

Just in case we didn’t, though, we came up with a solution.  A drinking game!

So go to the website, play the podcast and follow the rules written there.  It won’t make the game any better but it will probably seem a lot better.

Alphabetical Movie – Left Behind

Left Behind requires no suspension of disbelief because it expects that you already believe.  There can be no other explanation for the film.  If you haven’t already been brainwashed into accepting the kooky concept of rapture, this movie is not going to convince you that it is anything but kooky.

The god of the rapture is a dick.  I would enjoy having a debate with anyone who thinks otherwise and I would use this movie as an example.

Let’s look at a few examples taken right out of Left Behind, shall we?

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Double the Podcasting Goodness

Geeks Without GodAs has been the case for over six months now, Tuesday morning is reserved for a new episode of Geeks Without God.  This week’s episode is devoted to the fundamentalist Christian film Left Behind which, I was surprised to discover, wasn’t just offensive and stupid, it was also horribly bad.

Given how much the three of us suffered for our “art,” you should head on over and listen to the results of our pain.

As if that wasn’t enough, last week we launched Fearless Comedy.  You may have heard me mention it.

At the launch party, Joshua Humphrey of the TC Theatre Podcast interviewed Jena Young (our marketing director and co-author of the YoungNotions blog) and myself about the launch party and the new company.

Click here if you’d like to listen to the results!

Alphabetical Movie – L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential is the perfect film to open the L section of the Alphabetical movie project because I have to admit, I’d been rushing to get to the L’s for a while.

I like most of the movies I own.  I mean, I wouldn’t own them if I didn’t.  I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I like some more than others.  That means there are some letters that get me more excited than others as well.

Take the letter D, for instance.  Man was I looking forward to the letter D.  I started out with movies like Dark City and The Day the Earth Stood Still and near the end I got to watch Dr. No  and  Dr. Strangelove.  It was a great letter.

Right off the bat, though, you can see the potential in the letter L.  L.A. Confidential is an amazing film.  Just knowing I got to start the next batch of movies with such a great one got me really excited.

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