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Shit That Pissed me Off This Week – 6/7

Baptist Church Plans to Dump the Boy Scouts because They Don’t Hate Gay People

The Boy Scouts expected that they would get some pushback from members of the faith community when they chose to accept openly gay scouts.  Good thing, too.  Because they are getting it.

Baptist ministers are saying that they have no choice.  It is not a hate thing.  It’s a morality thing.  They just can’t support the Boy Scouts now that the organization has embraced a morally improper lifestyle by accepting openly gay scouts.

Look at how immoral this possibly gay boy scout looks!

That isn’t hate.  They feel really badly about the whole thing.  It isn’t their fault.  It’s god’s fault!

I mean, sure, Jesus preached forgiveness and all that bullshit but not if you aren’t willing to deny your own sexuality because god doesn’t love you just the way you are.

Yeah.  Fuck those guys.

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