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First Episode of Geeks Without God is live

We had a great time recording four episodes of Geeks Without God this weekend.  We recorded an episode with Melissa Kaercher about Prometheus, an episode with Kammy Lyon about SkepchickCon at the convention, an episode with Rebecca Watson of Skepchick.org and an episode with Stephanie Zvan and Jason Thiebault of FreethoughtBlogs!  We were really excited to get time with all of them.

Our first episode went live this morning so hey, head over there and have a listen to all of us try to talk about the religious themes in Prometheus.  It’s hard because there are so many other things to complain about….

Shit that Pissed me off This Week – 6/15

Megachurch Pastor Beats up his Daughter and his Flock Praises him for it

Let me begin by saying that I don’t know if his daugter’s allegations are true.  But let’s just assume for a moment that he did, in fact, “put his hands around her throat and…then slammed her to the ground, punched her and beat her with his shoe. ”

How many parents think that is appropriate behavior towards one’s child?  Teenagers can be a pain in the ass, I get it.

But choking, throwing to the ground and beating with a shoe?

Here’s what one of his supporters who seems to accept his daughters’ allegations had to say:

101 likes for kids getting their ass beat!!!!! God bless America!

Holy shit people!  He was beating the shit out of her before she called the cops!  That isn’t discipline.  That is abuse.

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Herein lie the spoiler filled thoughts on Prometheus from one atheist’s viewpoint.

So..you know…don’t click through if you would rather not read about plot points from the movie.  You have been warned.

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