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Alphabetical Movie – Innerspace

Every generation has at least one comedian who ends up being popular in films in spite of the fact that they are almost universally despised.  Or so it would seem.

Take Martin Short, who stars in Innerspace.  At the time the film came out, he was a fairly popular comedian and most of the people I knew could never figure out why.  His spastic characters grew tiresome very quickly and while he had the likable nerd thing going on, Rick Moranis did it way better.

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Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 7/13

Two weeks of shit but CONvergence took up most of it so it is still a pretty light week.

Rob Schneider is a Complete Idiot

Knowing that Rob Schneider is an anti-Vaxxer is not a big deal.  I mean, lots of people with no medical knowledge believe that vaccines cause cancer even though they don’t.

Thing is, why the fuck is he being allowed to talk about anything in public.  Someone want to tell me the last time the guy was funny?

Anyone who says Duece Bigalow can leave right now.

The dude doesn’t even look funny.

All sorts of clueless people say clueless shit all the time.  Famous people say it into microphones.  That doesn’t bug me as much as this:

Why is Rob Schneider still getting microphones stuck in his face????

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