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Shit that Pissed me Off – 2/27

This Big Long Article on Men’s Rights Activists in GQ

To the credit of the writer, I think he was trying hide his disgust for these guys and file a report that was at least somewhat impartial.

So he impartially reports what they are saying and what they say is completely awful.  They talk about the “red pill” moments where they realized, in effect, that women are the enemy.  Every one of those red pill moments is a paranoid fantasy.

What’s worse?  They fucking co-opted The Matrix for their girl-hating movement!

I'm just going to stop listening to your stupid shit right....NOW

I’m just going to stop listening to your stupid shit right….NOW

When I watch that movie, I already am forced to acknowledge it was made by the same people who made Jupiter Ascending. But now it has provided a catch phrase for one of the most embarrassing activist groups in existence.

Why oh why didn’t these guys take the blue pill?

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Shit that Pissed me off this Week – 8/30

The Shitstorm Surrounding Miley Cyrus

So Cyrus did a performance at the MTV Video music awards that was two things: 1) Blatantly sexual and 2) Artistically awful.

Now the VMA’s are about the most gaudy ridiculous spectacle in music so the fact she was part of a gaudy, ridiculous performance should be neither shocking or upsetting.  That’s what the show is all about.

The fact people are pitching a fit because she exhibited hardcore sexuality when she’s only (gasp) twenty is what is really bugging me here.  Because if Miley Cyrus was a twenty something guy grabbing his crotch and dancing suggestively and her name was…say…Michael Jackson, hardly anyone would be complaining.


Cyrus, though, is a girl woman and she’s not Madonna.

Of course, Madonna got all sorts of crap for being brazenly sexual as well.

Having watched the video, I think that the performance was awful.  Her singing was breathy and not in her strongest range.  She was more interested in showing off how “grown up” she was than in being a good singer (and she is a good singer – even if you don’t like what she sings).  Her “dancing” consisted mostly of gyrating and sticking out her tongue. The three songs they chose to mash-up don’t really fit together.  What was with the teddy bears anyway?  I fucking hate “Blurred Lines.”

The fact that Cyrus engaged in suggestive dancing should not be the subject of criticism.  It should be the fact she did it badly.  If you want to be perceived as grown up and sexy, be grown up and sexy.

But while we all comment about Cyrus, we need to remember one thing.  She gave that performance to get attention.  And she got a lot of it.

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