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New Vilification Tennis Silliness

We’ve been having a few problems with the Vilification Tennis website as of late so updates have been slow to come.  This week, though, we have managed to get things a little bit sorted out and there is some new stuff to read and listen to.

Specifically, I wrote a new Movie Dick article about the Oscars.  I think it captures the averager person’s opinion of the Oscars pretty well.

There’s also a new Vilification Tennis podcast that involves a whole lot of misogyny in preparation for our February show, the White Male Priviledge show.  Don’t worry.  It’s ironic misogyny.  That makes it better, right?

New Monday Morning Silliness

This week’s Vilification Tennis web updates include a few new things by yours truly.  The re-make of Red Dawn naturally inspired me to think about what the next re-make of Red Dawn might be like.  So I wrote a Movie Dick article about it.

We also recorded a podcast right after our Vilification Tennis show on Friday night.  It’s a little bit different from most of our podcasts.  We skipped fucked up news and spent a while talking about the show we’d just done.  We also talked about a lot of other comedy ideas, including rape jokes.  Seriously – trigger warning.  If that is the sort of thing that bothers you, I would hope you have already decided not to listen to our podcasts.

Matt got on a roll near the end of the podcast that will either offend the hell out of you or entertain you.  I can’t say which.  If you like it, great.  If you don’t keep in mind he hit his head pretty hard earlier that evening.

New Silliness over at Vilification Tennis

I’ve haven’t been feeling The Movie Dick column for the last six weeks or so, which is a bad thing.  If there is one important lesson about writing, it’s that you just need to write.

So this weekend I just sat down and wrote an article about Sinister.  Reading it again this morning, it’s not that bad.  You can read it yourself if you like!

There’s also some other new content over at Vilification Tennis written by my comedy compadres.  Read and enjoy!

New Stuff I wrote

We have a new podcast up over at the Vilification Tennis website this morning along with lots of other new content!  This week’s podcast got into some pretty deep discussion about comic theory including what makes Geek humor work so well and, in the wake of the Colorado shootings, we ask how soon it is too soon to joke about tragic events.

Interestingly enough, I also wrote a Movie Dick article this week about The Dark Knight Rises.  It has nothing to do with the shooting and was written before that event ever took place.  Somehow, I still think that someone will tell me that posting it was in the worst possible taste…