About me

I’m a comedian, husband, dad, freethinker, musician and geek.  I have four cats, two children and one wife. I’m pretty fond of all of them.

I also like movies a lot.

I produce an adult themed show called Vilification Tennis.  We perform monthly at the Bryant Lake Bowl and we also appear at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

I also perform with The Dregs, a Minnesota Based group of comedy musicians.

I’m the co-host of Geeks Without God, a weekly podcast about being geeky atheists.

I contributed an essay to Atheist Voices of Minnesota, an anthology of writings by Minnesota atheists, due to be released on the 28th of August, 2012.

2 responses to “About me”

  1. JP says :

    The bit on Santorum was so spot on I nearly cried–nice work–you need to put that out to a larger audience.

  2. Rachelle says :

    So Relieved to learn it’s not four wives and one cat instead of the other way around!

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