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Fringe Reviews – Day 7

Ben San DelI’m not going to any Fringe shows tonight.  While there are a lot of shows left on my list, I have gotten into the habit of taking one evening of the festival off.

I recognize that my choice means there are some shows I won’t get to see this year.  That, however, is already to be expected.  There are 169 shows  in the Fringe and just over 50 potential slots an audience member can fill.  I know some people who will Iron man the fringe and try to fill every available slot.

That goal is admirable but I need a night away from the Fringe to recharge my batteries.  I’ll miss everyone at Fringe Central this evening.  That community of artists is one of my favorite parts of the Fringe experience.  But I’ve got to get some sleep!

So no new reviews tomorrow.

I saw three shows last night, though.  Here’s my thoughts on those!

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Alphabetical Movie – Lawrence of Arabia

Some movies just need to be seen in a movie theatre.

As home video becomes more and more prevalent, it is hard to understand that movies are movies for a reason.  Yes, I love watching films on my video screen at home.

But that experience is an entirely different one from watching a film projected on the big screen.

If you haven’t seen Lawrence of Arabia in 70mm, for instance, you haven’t really seen it at all.

In one remarkable shot, the camera simply focuses on the desert.  The shot is held for a long time and nothing changes.  Slowly, a figure becomes apparent in the distance and the shot is held as that figure grows.

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