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Geeks Without God talks about AA Again

Geeks Without GodAfter we talked to Marc Baker for last week’s episode, we sat down and recorded an episode with our friend Zach Nyhus.  Like Marc, Zach is a recovering alcoholic who has found a road to recovery in AA.  He’s also an atheist who was put off by how much god there was in the 12 steps.  However, he found a solution in a secular AA group.

It makes a great companion piece to last week’s episode but it also stands on its own quite well.  For someone who is struggling with addiction but put off by the religious nature of AA, this is a really terrific way to discover what options might be available to you.

Geeks Without God tackles Alcoholism, part 1

Geeks Without GodWe took a different approach to the next couple of episodes of Geeks Without God.  We have two friends who are both recovering alcoholics and we wanted to talk to them about their experience.  See, AA includes a lot of talk about giving yourself over to god to fight your addiction and how do you deal with that if you are an atheist/agnostic?  Rather that the two of them separately, we recorded each podcast with one of them as the “primary” guest and the other one listening in.  That allowed for both of them to contribute to a particular conversation.

It was a really good way to approach the topic, I think.  Listen to this week’s episode and decide for yourself!