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Short Story – Hot Tea

Hot TeaIt has been a while since my last short story.  Fortunately, I signed up to do a storytelling show about dragons and I was compelled to write something new!

This entire story grew out of being amused by the idea of a dragon sipping tea.  I don’t know why that image really stuck with me but it resulted in what I wrote here.

I also made the decision to avoid giving the dragon a gender.  It is not the same as creating a truly gender neutral character – something I hope I can do in a future story – but I didn’t feel the gender of the dragon was relevant.

As always, I hope you take a moment to read, comment, share and enjoy!

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Short Story – Lunch with Clara

200px-Lurker_AboveAfter last week’s story, which was super dark, I decided I wanted to write something funny this week.  I also noticed that I’ve been writing a lot of science fiction and horror but not a lot of fantasy.

So I started with thinking about some of the creatures from my old Monster Manual and things grew from there.  I’m not entirely sure at what point I decided to turn my characters into teenagers but when I made that decision, it changed the entire direction of the story.

This one is a lot more dialogue driven.  Go figure – I’m a playwright.

And I can’t tell you how much it amuses me that this story features a ghoul named “Eugene.”  The name Eugene always makes me laugh.  I’m sorry to anyone named Eugene.  I can’t help it.

As always, I really enjoy feedback on these stories and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read them.

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