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Alphabetical Movie – Keeping the Faith

I’m pretty much OK with any form of comedy.  Sure, I think some comedy is better than other comedy but that’s just natural.  You can’t think everything is funny.

Try as I might, for instance, with the exception of There’s Something About Mary, I just don’t like the Farelly Brothers.  Not their fault.  Lots of people think their stuff is gut bustingly brilliant.  Not me.

The one kind of comedy that simply never connects with me, though, is the kind of comedy that renders about ten minutes of Keeping the Faith almost unwatchable.  I’m talking, of course, about embarrassing comedy.

When a movie tries to make me laugh by watching a character do something embarrassing, I don’t laugh.  I wince.  I turn away from the screen.  If I’m watching it at home, I will often stand up and leave the room.  I’ll still watch the movie, mind you, but I’ll feel the need to put some distance between me and what is playing on screen.

Maybe that’s why we decided to put a pass through from the Kitchen to the family room.  I can put a wall between me and the stuff I don’t like watching.

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Alphabetical Movie – The Incredible Hulk

So, based on box office returns, we’ve all seen The Avengers by now, right?

Thus we are all aware that the best Hulk, by far, is Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.  Eric Banna and Edward Norton both took one look at Ruffalo, threw their jackets over their shoulders and walked wistfully down the highway while Ruffalo smashed the shit out of Loki.

So here’s my question – what the heck happened to Edward Norton, Jr?

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