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It is Monday Morning – Must be Time to Gloat

It’s been over a month since we recorded a Vilification Tennis podcast and even though we were tired as hell, we decided we should record it after the Fearless launch party on Saturday.  This could have been a horrible decision had the event been a disastrous failure.

The event was instead a huge success.  Thanks to a great many people, we raised better than half of our operating budget for the year and it is rumored that the wacky comedy to which we subjected our audience was both wacky and comedic.

All things considered, we were blown away by the success of the event.  That meant we were pretty euphoric when we recorded the podcast.  Which beats the alternative.  Eric had also prepared humus and salsa.  That goes a long way to creating a positive podcasting environment.

So if you are a fan of the podcast, you should listen to this week’s episode.  I think we were somewhat amusing.