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Alphabetical Movie – Lover Come Back

Lover Come Back is a perfect example of 60’s feminism viewed through the lens of Hollywood Producers who were, unfortunately, men.

Which means they had no idea what the hell they were doing.

The story involves a man (Rock Hudson), who is a sexist jackass and a woman (Doris Day) who dislikes him because he’s a sexist jackass.  So he behaves like the “perfect man” for her and she falls for him.

Day plays a competent advertising executive and Hudson plays a far less competent one who has the important skill of knowing how to make other guys happy.  He doesn’t have to put together the best campaign because he gets his clients drunk and laid.

Fortunately, it’s the sixties so all of his clients are men.  His plans work perfectly.

So she’s competent but has to work twice as hard as he does just to get ahead.  He’s pretty much a complete tool but is successful because he works in an industry (advertising) where being a tool is a benefit.  That’s something we’ve all learned from “Mad Men.”

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