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Alphabetical Movie – Journey to the Center of the Earth

Brendan Fraser’s career is by no means dead but I can’t help but wonder if he actually reads scripts before he accepts a role.  It seems like he so enjoys acting that he doesn’t much care about the movies he’s making.  How else do explain how the guy makes movies like The Quiet American and Crash while also starring in films like…well…Journey to the Center of the Earth.

As an actor, I like Fraser a lot.  Yeah, Rachel Weisz was definitely a discovery in The Mummy but without Fraser, the movie wouldn’t have been nearly as fun.  He’s someone who can manage to make a bad movie better by his presence.  He can’t save Journey to the Center of the Earth but I don’t think anybody can.

Problem is, he keeps choosing to take on films like Furry Vengeance and it gets hard to know if the next movie will be a good Brendan Fraser movie or a bad Brendan Fraser movie.  I mean, I suppose that every actor has that problem but there are a lot of actors who seem to be trying to make good movies every time.  Fraser doesn’t seem to be one of them.

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