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Geeks Without God Talks to PZ Myers

Geeks Without GodIn the second of two live episodes recorded at CONvergence, we finally got to talk with outspoken atheist PZ Myers.  I wanted to talk to him about evolution because he is a professor of evolutionary biology and a vocal opponent of creationists the world over.  My question to him was fairly simple: what is the best evidence you can use to get a creationist to think about their beliefs?

I had no illusions that one could completely eradicate years of indoctrination with a single well-chosen piece of evidence.  I just wanted to know how you could start the ball rolling.

Of course the answer isn’t nearly as easy as the question.  I knew that.

Still, PZ helped us work through some of the ways those of us who know evolution is true can begin to educate those who do not.  It was great to have PZ on the show and I hope we can chat with him again soon!

Listen up if you wanna!

Combating Rationality with Irrationality

As a skeptic/atheist, I spend a fair amount of time reading popular blogs by individuals who think like I do.  It makes sense, right?  We all seek our tribe.

I do try to read stuff written by people with whom I disagree as well but that sort of thing tends to piss me off (I can only read so many creationist screeds) so I confess I don’t do nearly as much of that.

So in the last week, there has been a dust-up at FreethoughtBlogs (FtB) over the issue of harassment policy at skeptical conferences.

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