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2012 Fringe Wrap up

Well, I counted them up and I saw 28 shows at the Fringe this year (I watched one of them twice).  The vast majority of them were very good shows.  Some of them weren’t.

As a producer, I find myself much more forgiving of a failed work because let’s be fair – none of us are trying to produce bad work.  Before we put it in front of an audience, we believe that what we have is something that will speak to them, make them laugh, make them think and, yes, make them like us.

What we discover by putting a show in front of an audience is whether or not we actually succeeded in reaching the audience in the way we envisioned.  There is a sense of relief when things work out as we planned and, if we’re smart, a desire to learn what we will do differently if the show fails.

So I have a hard time talking about “bad” shows because I’ve done “bad” shows and it sucks.  Plenty of talented people have produced failures. The really talented ones figure out how to turn those failures into future success.

All that is a lead up to my personal Fringe awards.  I won’t dwell too much on the failures because I believe it is best to celebrate those who succeed and encourage those who fail.

So here we go:

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