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Shit that Pissed me Off – 9/6

DC Comics Won’t let Batwoman get Married

It seems odd that DC would object to the marriage of Batwoman on the grounds that she is getting married to a girl.  Honestly, it is probably more likely that they don’t want Batwoman to get married because it limits the story line and we’d rather have superheroes be miserable.  They can’t be miserable if they are happily married.

Still, when you have a high-profile openly lesbian character who can get married (seeing as she proposed to her girlfriend and everything), why wouldn’t you go ahead with it?  Especially given popular opinion on such matters?

Is it likely that there is a large contingent of homophobes currently reading Batwoman?  I mean, she’s also Jewish so Neo-Nazis clearly would want nothing to do with her.

DC is pretty quiet about the whole thing but it appears their decision to stop the wedding was part of the reason the current writing team has decided to leave the comic.

Apparently, lesbian kisses are fine. Just so long as they don’t lead to lesbian weddings.

Reading the article, I’m actually more concerned at the level of creative control DC has been exercising over the title.  They don’t seem to trust their writers all that much.

I think they should have trusted their writers about letting Batwoman get married, though.  Something tells me that issue would have sold a lot of copies.

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New Geeks Without God Episode!

We were fortunate that Rebecca Watson made time for us to interview her at CONvergence.  Rebecca is a polarizing figure in skeptical circles and that is too bad because whether you agree with her on most issues or not, she is funny and smart.  If you actually make the effort to engage her instead of attacking her, you will find good conversations to be had.

Fortunately, we were able to record one of those.

She talks about misogyny on the internet all the time and frankly, that is really important.  We offered her the opportunity to talk about other stuff, though, because we figured she could use a break.  The result was a fun geeky podcast.

So take a listen if you would!  Learn about a great podcast that Rebecca does as well as her favorite sandwich!