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Fringe Reviews – Day 7

So last night, I think it is fair to say that “Ash Land” won at Fringe.  They sold out the Rarig Thurst, a 460 seat theatre.  By “sold out,” I mean that not a single person from the Artists’ rush line got into the theatre.  Every seat in the theatre was a paying viewer.  That has never happened before.  It could happen again, though, because they have one more show today.  Good for them.

And good for me because I’d already seen the show!

So here’s what I saw yesterday:

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Fringe Reviews – Day 6

Three more shows last night plus one of my own.  While the Rarig Experimental is a small theatre, I was super happy that Stop Talking managed to sell out our 7:00 show.

But who cares about my show?  How about the other ones I saw?

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Well of Course we all Take it Personally

One of the best parts of the Minnesota Fringe experience is Fringe Central.  After a full day of fringing, you can spend time with the other artists producing shows and talk about your shared experience.

I mean, we’re all putting something out there and hoping like crazy that the audience likes what we are doing.  When we do it any other time of the year, we don’t have the benefit of spending the evening drinking with a bunch of other people who are doing the same thing at the same time.

While we spend a lot of time talking about how much we liked each others shows, we talk about other stuff as well.  We talk about why we decided to do the show we did.  We talk about how we approached our work this year.  We talk about reviews.

Ah the reviews.

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Fringe Reviews – Days 3 & 4

I managed to watch several of my friends’ shows this weekend, which means I can spend the remainder of the Fringe finding new producers’ work to enjoy.  While there is definitely personal bias because many of these folks are friends of mine, I really enjoyed most of the shows I saw this weekend because, in large part, I am fortunate to have very talented friends.

I had three of my own shows this weekend so I only saw five shows on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Here’s what I managed to squeeze in.

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