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Shit that Pissed Me Off – 8/29

Swimwear Company Massively Photoshops a Model’s Body and Gets Caught

I think we all get that standards of attractiveness/beauty are messed up in the fashion world.  Here, you can see how much work went into taking someone who looked fine and creating a lie about her body.

What is most upsetting is the company’s apology.  In essence they used the “everybody does it” argument.  They took down the photoshopped picture but they didn’t put up the original picture to replace it.

OMG!!  Look at her fail to swell swimwear because she's not thin enough!!!!

OMG!! Look at her fail to sell swimwear because she’s not thin enough!!!!

Then they admitted that they made the changes to sell a product.

Well that’s honest, I guess.  What they fail to recognize is the product they are selling when they do something like that.

They are no longer selling swimwear.  They are selling body image.  They are telling young women who look like Meghan Kausman that they aren’t thin enough to wear this product.  Their apology indicates that they are completely OK with that.

I know (and I hope most of us do) that advertising is inherently dishonest.  Fruit Loops have never been a healthy addition to a balanced breakfast.  Pick up trucks don’t have great gas mileage.  Ever.

Things are getting out of hand, though, when a size 8 is too fat to sell a swimsuit.

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The Stars are Finite


Photo by Peter Verrant

Last night, word reached me that a friend died suddenly over the weekend.  I’ve known Robert Schug ever since he and his partner Steven joined the Renaissance Festival cast.  Like many of my friends, I’ve seen them far less frequently than I would have liked in the last few years.

Robert was exuberant, proud, and generous.  When a fire devastated part of the festival several years ago, he was instrumental in creating the Phoenix project, which helped crafters rebuild their booths.

Many people have referred to Robert as being a member of the fops and that isn’t correct.  He and Steven were their royal highnesses Prince Puph and Phluph from the realm of materialism.  As he himself put it, Robert was the fluffy one.  They received the Cracked Cup for rookie of the year and as a member of the group that voted for awards that year, I’ve never had an easier decision to make.

Note: My point is not to suggest that Steven and Robert were better or worse than the Fops.  Rather, I think it is important to remember that they were different.

Robert had his faults, as we all do.  I can’t for the life of me recall what they were and it isn’t as if they matter.

He was filled with joy and life and he is gone.

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