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Friend a Day – Kammy Lyon


I met Kammy through CONvergence.  She was the primary Skepchickcon contact and I was running programming so we talked a lot.

She was also one of our first two guests on Geeks Without God – long before we actually knew what we were doing!

Working with her on programming was a dream.  She was organized and would always answer questions quickly.  With her group representing 10 – 15 panels per year, it was great to have someone who would act as a one point contact for all of them.

Sometimes people don’t appreciate the quiet background types who keep all the balls in the air.  That was Kammy.  She didn’t sit on a lot of panels but she got a whole lot of great people on a lot of great panels.  And she helped organize a terrific room party.

She’s got an upbeat attitude that has taken a beating with some personal stuff over the last couple of years but she’s also a fighter.  Right now she’s going to college, which is a difficult task at any time.  It is a lot harder when you have a life filled with family and work already.

And good for her!  Good for anyone who makes that decision.  I’m really happy for her.

One of the things this Friend a Day project does is remind me how little time I spend with people I like.  Kammy got us over to her house for some yummy grilled burgers two years ago and we’ve been trying to set up a follow-up to that night for two years.

I think once I get done posting this, I should send an e-mail to her trying to figure out a date we can grill.  Actually, I should do that before I get done posting this.  BRB.

OK.  Done.

Kammy is a great person to know.  Hopefully I’ll be enjoying some grilled meat with her soon!


Harassment – You Just Don’t Get it

There is a big debate in the skeptical community over harassment.  I’ve been thinking (and reading) about it a lot.  I have friends who think that it is a big deal and I have friends who think that it is obnoxious.

So here’s the thing:  the whole debate is between two groups of people.

On one side, you have women (and men) who have been made to feel uncomfortable at large-scale skeptical events (as well as those who sympathize).

On the other side, you have people who haven’t.

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Geeks Without God Episode 2!

Hey everyone!  Episode 2 of Geeks Without God went live this morning!  Recorded in front of a live audience at CONvergence, we talked to Kammy Lyon of Skepchick.org about SkepchickCon and coming out as an atheist.

It’s only 30 minutes long!  Go listen!