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The Force Awakens – You’re Damn Right

HT_star_wars_force_awakens_trailer_02_jef_150416_4x3_992I don’t usually experience nerd excitement over films any more.  I remember going to The Phantom Menace thinking I was getting new Star Wars for the first time in forever and realizing that Star Wars doesn’t have to be awesome.  It can be bland and nonsensical.

I remember watching The Matrix a few dozen times and thinking whatever the Wachoskis had planned for that universe, there was no way they could mess it up.  I remember being dead certain that Peter Jackson could make a trilogy about The Hobbit that was going to be just as awesome as The Lord of the Rings.

So entering the theater to see The Force Awakens, I was not vibrating with excitement.  I was guardedly optimistic.

And while The Force Awakens may not have ensured I will be excited about every nerd title that comes to theaters from now on, I can honestly say it made me excited about Star Wars again.  For the first time since The Empire Strikes Back, the next film can’t come soon enough.

I realize the internet does not require my take on the film.  I’m writing it anyway.

And I’m going to focus on one thing: what I loved about the film.  The film has faults.  They aren’t huge and they don’t border on the gaffes that filled the prequels or even Return of the Jedi.  But they are there.  And if you want to focus on them, you go right ahead.  You have as much right to dislike the film as I do to like it.

I don’t like it, though.  I love it.  And here’s why.

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The Dark Knight Rises – Spoileriffic

I wasn’t able to see The Dark Knight Rises until Tuesday.  I’ve managed to stay almost completely free of spoilers for the film, which is rare for me.

If I don’t see a movie early in the run, I don’t care about spoilers.  I’ve enjoyed movies when I’ve known “too much” as much as movies when I’ve gone in with a blank slate.  A good movie is a good movie.

Sure, Cabin in the Woods is a better film if you go in completely blind.  But it’s a good movie anyway.  There’s an additional layer of enjoyment if you don’t know anything going into the film but I still look forward to watching it again.

Let’s face it.  Every viewing after the first is filled with spoilers.

I’m getting seriously off track.

I didn’t need to be spoiler free to see The Dark Knight Rises but I’m glad I was.  If you haven’t seen it yet and would prefer to avoid spoilers, read no further.  Yeah, I just spent all that time warning you to stop reading this post if you haven’t seen the film.

Sorry about that.

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