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Friend a Day – Stephanie Zvan


CONvergence week continues here at Friend a day headquarters!

I met Stephanie when we were in the same play in college.  I was nearly killed by a piece of scenery on opening night.  That’s a different story.

After that show, I hardly saw her for years.  It was only through the Skepchick/FreethoughtBlog events at CONvergence that we re-connected.

Stephanie is devoted to supporting social justice issues through her Almost Diamonds blog.  She has become a target for a lot of internet hatred because she’s not willing to back away from an important fight.  She’s openly critical of well known members of the atheist community like Richard Dawkins.

I can’t imagine how exhausting the abuse can become and yet Stephanie faces it with a sense of humor and, I think, the conviction that she is right.

When there is an issue that has me upset, I find that Stephanie frequently is commenting on exactly the thing that has me frustrated.  Her thoughts are well researched and detailed.  Certainly you can disagree with her but you can’t disagree with the effort she put into presenting a cogent argument.

She was a guest on Geeks Without God our first weekend and was one of the people who helped set the tone.  We’ve had her back since to play the horrible Left Behind Board game.  You have to have a little extra helping of respect for anyone who endured that game.

I remember working with Stephanie on that show all those years ago and even back then she had a ton of confidence you knew would get her through a lot.  It is that strong sense of self that helps her keep saying things that make her a target for a lot of petty stupidity.

And that is something I don’t think the petty, stupid people have figured out.  Being an asshole on the internet is easy.  Fighting against the assholes is a lot harder.

I’m really proud to know someone who is fighting the assholes.


A Couple nice Blog entries about Geeks Without God!

By the time we were recording our fourth episode at CONvergence, I feel like the three of us were starting to figure out how to do our jobs.  It has been over a month and we have finally posted that episode (which ended up being our sixth).  I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out and so, it would seem, were our two guests.

Both Stephanie Zvan and Jason Thibeault have blogged about being on the podcast and while I really appreciate the signal boost, I am more appreciative that they enjoyed the experience and want to share it with others.

So hey – back at both of them!  Stephanie’s blog is Almost Diamonds and Jason’s is Lousy Canuck.  They are both over at FreethoughtBlogs and you should read what they have to say.