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Short Story – Mercury and a Big Hole in the Ground


This week, I’ve been visiting the National Parks of Utah as well as The Grand Canyon.*

Whenever anyone visits The Grand Canyon, they typically tell you that they have no words to describe it and I think I know why.

Simply put, someone already came up with the best way to describe The Grand Canyon and that description is “The Grand Canyon.”

“The” – it is the only one.

“Grand” – Can describe something that is both big (it most definitely is) and impressive (yep).

“Canyon” – describes a geological feature that directly corresponds with the geological feature one is viewing.

So “The Grand Canyon” is a name that implies you are looking at a canyon that is big, impressive, and unique.  And so it is.  The job has been done so perfectly as to pose an impossible challenge for everyone who tries to describe the place on their own. I, therefore, will not make any attempts to describe The Grand Canyon in deference to whoever managed to knock the ball out of the park before the ball game had even started.

Instead, I will tell you the story of a sunrise and a planet.

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