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Alphabetical Movie – The Kennel Murder Case

If there is one thing that I really enjoy about the availability of cheap DVDs, it is the ability to pick up an old film I’ve never heard of for just a couple of bucks.  Most are horrible, grainy copies of movies that are in the public domain but they aren’t on Netflix so how else am I supposed to watch them?

Aside: Why aren’t they on Netflix?  They are in the public domain!!!!

The Kennel Murder Case is just such a movie.  I was browsing the shelves at half price books and there it was for a measly $2.00.

Now Half Price Books has a lot of cheap old movies for sale.  I don’t buy every one of them.  Hell, I hardly buy any of them.

But this one had William Powell in it and I have a hard time saying no to a $2.00 movie starring William Powell.

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