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Friend a Day – Tony Miller

Photo by Richard Rose

Photo by Richard Rose

The first thing you notice about Tony is his voice.  It is rich and clear and can cut through just about any other sound.  He makes his living off of his voice and it is easy to see why.

If you spend any time talking to him, you will learn how fiercely intelligent he is.  To write the material he writes, he has to be intelligent but the depth of his knowledge about so many things will surprise you.

I only get to see Tony seven weekends a year because he lives the nomadic lifestyle of a career Renaissance Festival performer.  It is a lifestyle to which his is clearly suited yet it means that there’s never enough time to hang out with him.

He has the most genuinely friendly nature of anyone I know. That may seem odd for someone who makes his living insulting people, but when he walks up, shakes your hand, and tells you he’s happy to see you, you know he’s telling the truth.

We’ve had him on a couple episodes of Geeks Without God and they are two of my favorites simply because of how knowledgeable he is about the topics at hand.  He has read a lot about many things and he has thought a lot about them as well.  He doesn’t arrive at a conclusion lightly and if he has arrived at a conclusion, it would do you well to understand why.

As a performer, he is one of the best.  He knows how to say the most vile things to people and they will be smiling and laughing the entire time.  On the other hand, his complements are amazing.  I’ve hired him to complement my wife simply because I know he’ll be able to do it better than I can.

Tony is one of those people you should find the time to get to know.  He’s never around for long but when he’s around, everything is a little bit more interesting.


Geeks Without God is Getting all Political this Week

This week features an episode we recorded back at the Renaissance Festival.  We sat down with Tony Miller (Shamus the Insulter) to talk to him about being raised as a Menonite.  I still think we need to back to talking about him about that because we ended up getting sidetracked by the upcoming gay marriage amendment.

Obviously, I’ve spent a lot of time writing and talking about the amendment but I really liked a lot of the things Tony said in this episode.  We decided to schedule it a couple weeks before the election in hopes that it might change someone’s mind.  Even if it doesn’t change your mind, I’m hoping that we can inspire a few people to talk about it to family and friends who are still going to vote “yes.”

People who vote “yes” don’t want to talk about it.  At some level, I believe they understand that their decision to vote “yes” is a hurtful act and they don’t like to be told.  This isn’t an ideological conservative vs. liberal issue.  It is a “fucking over a minority issue.”  I don’t have a problem with people who are going to vote for Mitt Romney.  I have a big problem with people who are voting “yes.”

All righteous indignation aside, I’m pretty proud of this episode.  Please listen.